YMMV / David Mitchell

  • Acceptable Targets: Jokes directed at him tend to point out how "posh" he is.
    • And how his hair is rather similar to that of a well-known German dictator.
  • He Really Can Act: He's usually known for comedic characters, but the elderly Sherlock Holmes sketch really shows off his acting chops.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Here's Charlie Skelton, friend of Mitchell's wife Victoria Coren, describing Coren's ideal male type, back before Mitchell and Coren got together:
    "Vicky prefers a shyer, slightly embarrassed flirter. With deep psychological issues, and a problem finding social acceptance. Complicated. Gauche. [...] Reserved to the point of rudeness. Physically awkward." To which Coren responds: "I just like to feel there's more to somebody than meets the eye."
    • On a similar tack, Mitchell once delivered a blistering rant on the topic of why a cat head would not be left in a bed by the Cat Mafia, but by the "some-species-which-rides-cats-the-way-humans-ride-horses" Mafia when appearing on Have I Got News for You. Reginald D. Hunter responded with "You Need to Get Laid", and his teammate laughed uproariously at them both. The teammate in question? Victoria Coren.
  • Ho Yay: As might be expected, with Robert Webb.
    • For example, when David and Robert both appeared on Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton's chat shows shortly after Rob had first become a father, both hosts made jokes about how great David looked "considering he had a baby three months ago".
    • Or on one episode of The Bubble in which Robert Webb appeared, when his fellow panelists claimed that "my wife Abi" was code for David and that Webb always refers to him as "my David". When David looked amusingly shocked, Robert quickly explained he was distinguishing his comedy partner from the author by the same name.
    • And with Stephen Fry, a little bit. Every time they're on QI together, David comes across as desperately trying to impress him.
  • Internet Backdraft: Managed to cause one of these after one of his Soapbox rants dared to suggest that Doctor Who was a show for children.
  • Misaimed Fandom: When he and Robert Webb did a series of "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" UK ads for Apple, viewers found Webb's confident Mac arrogant but thought Mitchell's awkward PC was endearing. This might have something to do with their respective characters in Peep Show, though the series of ads for the US (with different actors) garner the same reaction. Which again might be due to the coolness of the actor who plays PC.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: His characters tend to be likeable even when they're not meant to be.