YMMV / David Fincher

  • Award Snub: Many fans are still bitter about the total absence of Se7en and Fight Club from the Academy Awards, as well as The Social Network's loss of Best Director and Best Film to The King's Speech.
    • No nominations for Zodiac, though it suffered from an early release date, and from coming out in a year as strong as 2007 (which was also dominated by dark thrillers/character studies like No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood).
  • Creator Worship: The man is highly respected amongst cinephile audiences for being one of the most brilliant directors working today: it is quite telling that any modern thriller is bound to be compared to at least one of his movies, as they're generally considered as yardsticks of the genre.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Fight Club had a mixed critical reaction and did poorly at the box office, but nevertheless had such an impact as a Cult Classic that it overshadowed much of Fincher's later work. Critically, Zodiac was seen as Fincher's return to form (and is seen by both critics, and Fincher himself, as his first mature work and his best film). Publically, he seems to have finally escaped this as of The Social Network, with its multiple Oscar nominations, very enthusiastic critical reception and commercial success, and even moreso with Gone Girl, which was a critical and commercial success.
  • True Art Is Angsty: While not as extreme as some others, the characters in his movies tend to suffer, a lot. And, with one exception, all of his movies are very esteemed by critics.
  • Vindicated by History: Se7en and Fight Club both received mixed reactions from critics at the time of their release. Today, both are widely considered to be among the best films of The '90s. Fight Club was a failure at the box office, but became extremely successful on home video. Zodiac is likewise considered one of the greatest crime movies of the 21st Century.