YMMV / David Crowder Band

  • Covered Up: "How He Loves" has been misattributed as an original song by Crowder, when in fact it was first written and recorded by John Mark McMillan. The debate rages on about whether the lyric change from "a sloppy wet kiss" to "an unforeseen kiss" was an improvement.
    • Which led to a funny moment when Crowder and McMillan sang it together on the band's final tour. The onscreen lyrics shown to the audience displayed Crowder's version, while McMillan and several fans defiantly sang "sloppy wet kiss".
    • They've also brought a few lesser-known hymns out of the archives and dressed them up with new choruses or modified tunes.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The band wrote "O Praise Him (All This for a King)" before deciding which of the titled they had in mind for it should be used, so they polled fans on their website, including "Boot Scoot Boogie No. 2" as a joke option. That title quickly soared ahead in the pool, and the band had to remove it to make sure a serious title won.
  • Face of the Band: David Crowder, obviously. He has a very distinctive face.