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YMMV: Dave
  • Designated Hero: The film treats Dave, Ellen and Duane as heroes despite - or because of - the fact that by not denouncing the substitution they subvert democracy and the US Constitution, effectively depriving the entire US population of the government they voted for.
  • Fridge Logic: At the end of the movie, the recently-widowed First Lady starts up a romantic relationship with Dave, a man who looks a lot like her deceased husband, and can't account for his whereabouts over the past few months. You think that might make people a teeny bit suspicious?
    • Eh, people will assume she's also an impersonator.
    • They might also assume it's something to do with her grief over the death of her 'beloved' husband; a bit unusual, perhaps, but not outside the realm of possibility.
  • Memetic Mutation: "I once caught a fish this big!" and "we're walking, we're walking".
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: When the White House Chief of Staff and Communications Director conspire to replace the incapacitated president with an impersonator in order to pursue their own agendas it is a nefarious conspiracy. When the impersonator himself, his new squeeze the First Lady and a Secret Service agent do the same thing it is portrayed as heartwarming and principled.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Alexander objects to Dave beginning to act like an actual president, saying, "Was he on the Trilateral Commission? Was he a senator? Was he in Who's Who in Washington nine years in a row?" Granted, Alexander is totally corrupt and Dave certainly shouldn't be following his orders, but he does have a point that Dave is probably unqualified to be president himself.
    • Alternatively, the point of the movie is that all you need to be a good president is compassion and common sensenote .

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