YMMV / Das Testament des Doktor Mabuse

  • Adaptation Displacement: Fritz Lang's Mabuse films became famous world-wide, the Mabuse novels by Norbert Jacques less so.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Lohmann completely fails to stop Baum from setting fire to the chemical works, which according to Mabuse's notes would gas huge numbers of people in the surrounding area with toxic fumes. However, Lohmann, Kent and Baum all walk about in fairly close vicinity to the burning factory without having to wear gasmasks, which seems to indicate that luckily the fumes were not deadly.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Hallucination or not, Dr. Baum's vision of Dr. Mabuse in his office is horrifying. The speech he makes on chaos is chilling, his brain is exposed, and his eyes... Those eyes. In case you weren't interested in sleeping tonight...
  • Technology Marches On: When Lohmann has to make a phone call from near the burning factory, he uses a field telephone that has to be connected to the telephone line by a policeman climbing up the pole. In the remake Lohmann has a car phone.
  • You Look Familiar: Among the mooks arrested by Kommmissar Lohmann in the siege of their apartment is Karetzky, played by Theo Lingen. Previously, in M, Theo Lingen played The Con-Man, one of the leaders of the Berlin underworld who also got arrested by Lohmann.