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YMMV: Darren Criss
  • Actor Shipping: Shipping him with Chris Colfer is quite popular.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: His Harry Potter. See page quote.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Teenage Dream", which sold more in iTunes overnight than "Don't Stop Believin'"... which had topped the Beatles in sales.
  • Dead Horse Genre: "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
  • Ear Worm
    • Half of AVPM and AVPS, but most notably "Get Back to Hogwarts", "Granger Danger", "Not Alone", "Harry Freaking Potter", and "Stutter", all of which he wrote.
    • On "Human", "Don't You" is particularly catchy.
    • On Glee, "Teenage Dream".
  • Fan Dumb: Inevitable, but no less obnoxious. Ever since debuting in his Breakout Role on Glee, whenever Darren Criss covers a song you can be sure that the hordes of rabid fangirls will bash the original and insist that he did a better job. Rabid Darren Criss fangirls also have a tendency to derail discussions of anything from anything he has been a part of into verbose praise for him, regardless of how relevant he is to the actual discussion. Chris Colfer is a particularly bad victim; because his character is in a relationship with one Criss plays, not only does the above happen but 99% of the time you can expect to see the comments section flooded with posts talking about Colfer's supposed real life relationship with Criss. Naturally, this combined with what many see as excessive media hype results in the below Hatedom for the poor guy.
    • Starkid Fans and Glee Fans are 'possessive' over Darren and often vocally argue online over which base is more devoted to him. It got to the point where Darren heard about it and tried to assuage both sides by saying that regardless of who's in what fandom, he wouldn't be where he is without his fans in general.
  • He's Popular Now He Sucks: Naturally, plenty of this to be found around the internet.
  • Ho Yay
    "Damn Darren, I need a cigarette now!"
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: If Harry, Blaine, or Darren himself has paid attention to them or is friends with them, he's been shipped with them.
  • Memetic Sex God
  • Signature Song: "Not Alone" and "Teenage Dream" are becoming this.

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