YMMV / Darkstone

  • Demonic Spiders: Lots of them, including some Shelob-sized beauties.
  • Ear Worm: The Darkstone Will Shine
  • Good Bad Bugs: Ranged weapons and spells can be used on enemies on the other side of certain types of walls and doors (such as prison-style bars), but they can't attack you in return. This is eliminated if you install any of the patches for the PC version.
    • The unpatched PC version also has a truly remarkable way to use the very limited inventory space to generate unlimited gold for your character. Explicit directions can be found on a number of fan sites.
    • A similar bug can be found in the playstation version where the normal mace's selling price, for some reason, is higher than its buying price, which you can abuse for extra gold.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Be prepared for a cutscene following the fourth dungeon in which the landscape drastically changes.
    • There's also the Village of the Damned, where you can be mauled to death by an entire screen full of poisonous spiders. It takes only seconds.