YMMV / Darkness Visible

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Several. Notably: abseiling down from the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral into a crowd of pissed off enemies.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Lewis’ proposal to Amelia. Also the Epilogue.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Being a World of Snark, there are quite a few of these. Most only make sense in context. For example, early in his training Marsh loses a finger in an accident. Later, he and Lewis are winding up their superior:
    ‘Oh yes,’ I said, with equal sincerity. ‘You’re not safe yet at all. Terribly dangerous man with a Threshold, our young Mr Marsh,’ I told Wilson, who looked fit to burst with rage.
    ‘I’ll have your fingers off as soon as look at you, sir,’ Marsh said solemnly, and I almost lost my composure as he waved his shortened hand in Watson’s direction.
    ‘You presume too much. What makes you think I am not myself?’ I demanded, as soon as he had departed.
    ‘If you were, you would surely have hit him harder,’ Marsh pointed out.
  • Ho Yay: And how! There are strong hints that Marsh was one of Oscar Wilde’s “boys” and there is a growing degree of ho-yay between him and Lewis. They show intense care and concern for each other’s safety. Oh, and they like ballet. A lot. However, this might be more to do with being Gentlemen and Scholars. When Lewis proposes to Amelia, he is thinking how much she looks like her brother, and she is often described in comparison to him. The homosexual undertones are even lampshaded:
    ‘Yes, this will be a much gayer house now you’re on the mend.’
    Never has a gayer trio returned home from a night at the ballet.
    • This overlaps with Have a Gay Old Time, since these are perfectly innocent phrases in the era in which the book is set, but it was written in the modern age and they reinforce the ho-yay if you take their modern meaning. Also:
    ‘LORD Lewis is a fine tutor,’ he said, with a very definite emphasis on my title. I could have kissed him.
    He bent beside me and scooped me into his arms like a child.
    ‘By God, Marsh, I could almost kiss you for that little performance,’ I said, with a huge smile on my face.