YMMV / Darkness Series

  • Complete Monster:
    • Swemmel, the half-mad king of Unkerlant, is probably the single most tyrannical ruler in the story. Seizing power after the Twinkings War, Swemmel's first act as king was to have his twin brother and rival Kyot boiled alive in a cauldron, before launching a massive purge of the nobility. Ruling through fear alone, Swemmel cut a deal with King Mezentio of Algarve to divide Forthweg between them, then invaded neutral Zuwayza while the rest of the continent was distracted by the war against Algarve. When the Algarvians double-crossed Swemmel and invaded Unkerlant, Swemmel sacrificed his own peasants in magical rituals in order to buy time, declaring that so long as he had one subject left at the end of the war and Mezentio had none, he would be the victor. When the war begins to swing in his direction, Swemmel proves himself as bad a winner as he is a loser, enslaving Algarvian prisoners, executing Grelzan prisoners, and boiling "King" Rainero of Grelz the same way he did Kyot. A paranoid megalomaniac, Swemmel finds himself the most powerful man on the continent at the end of the war, and is contemplating starting a new one against his erstwhile allies Lagoas and Kusammo.
    • The unnamed interrogator is a low-level government functionary and professional torturer in Jelgava. Initially an employee of King Donalitu of Jelgava, the interrogator goes over to the Algarvians when they conquer the country, and takes a special interest in would-be loyalist rebel Talsu. Arresting Talsu, the interrogator tries to torture him into giving up names of fellow "traitors", traitors whom he knows do not actually exist. When Talsu refuses, the interrogator instead tortures his wife, until each of them gives up names to save the other. Talsu is released, but strong-armed into helping the interrogator uncover more "traitors" under pain of being arrested again. When the war ends and King Donalitu returns, the interrogator turns his cloak again and arrests Talsu for conspiring with the Algarvians to prevent Donalitu's return, denouncing his unwilling accomplice as the vilest of traitors. Responsible for the execution of dozens of innocent people and making Talsu's life a living hell, the interrogator abused anyone who came into his power, while dismissing his own treachery as the acts of a Consummate Professional.