YMMV / Darkeden

For the Video Game:

  • Alt-itis: 3 races, several classes within said races, dozens of versions/game servers.
  • Broken Base : With the myriad of private servers and official servers, players have different views on which is the best and most fun to play. They're also scattered across all these versions.
  • Evil is Sexy : Bathory and female vampire after 150+ (and those with the previous look under 150).
  • Fridge Logic : The game provides plenty examples, for instance one can wonder how come such an advanced military unit such as E.V.E can not provide some simple night vision helmets to their slayers so they could see in the damn darkness.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff : Brazilians Love Darkeden. sHuhAuHAuaHUAhuaHaUAHUAa
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Very few players actually know the game's story, actually some don't even know that Tepes is Dracula and call him by the game's typo "Tepez".
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks : The map of Eslanian NW. The original sprites/skins of players under level 150. Darkeden 3D...