!!YMMV for individual games:
* ''YMMV/DarkSoulsI''
* ''YMMV/DarkSoulsII''
* ''YMMV/DarkSoulsIII''

!!For the series in general:
* FandomBerserkButton: For your safety, ''do not'' try to argue whether the series should be considered EasternRPG or WesternRPG. The games incorporate elements of both, but lean towards Western in overall design, except the games were made in Japan. Arguments on whether the series is one or the other tend to devolve into wars debating the merits and deficiencies of either.
* FandomRivalry:
** An odd mix of this and FriendlyFandoms with ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda''. With many longtime ''Zelda'' fans being disillusioned with the series for moving towards linearity, greater focus on story, and lowered difficulty, many of them came to ''Dark Souls'' for an more [[WideOpenSandbox open]] experience with little handholding, a more subtle and mysterious story, more complex and difficult combat. As such, it isn't uncommon for many classic ''Zelda'' fans to name ''Dark Souls'' as "what ''Zelda'' should be."
** A straight example of this is with ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''. As both ''Dark Souls'' and ''Elder Scrolls'' are two of the most popular ActionRPG franchises of TheNewTens, fans of both tend to clash with one another.
* UnconventionalLearningExperience: ''Dark Souls'' teaches you different types of medieval weapons and armors (standard weapons, not boss weapons) as well as bringing attractions to historical European martial arts (HEMA). That said, [[RealityEnsues the overswings may get you killed in a real fight]].