YMMV: Dark Heresy

  • Game Breaker: 2nd Edition is a bit fond of this. To the point of being ridiculous even by Warhammer 40,000's standa-HERESY! *BLAM*. All tactics are viable in service to the Emperor and your Inquisitor so long as it preserves the Imperium of Mankind!!!
    • The Inquisitor Elite Advance. This is designed to be a reward for an extremely skilled (and most likely, lucky) player. It *must* be awarded by GM fiat. Why? Well, the player becomes an Inquisitor, opening a massive amount of power they can wield now via roleplay. They also can earn talents, most of which give new ways of using Fate points. Examples include preventing the gain of Insanity or Corruption, donating Fate points to another player character, or even being allowed to ask the GM questions about whatever situation they are in, and be given the right answersnote . These, are perhaps some of the lesser insanely powerful talents. The one that takes the cake though, are Jack of All Trades, and Master of All Trades. The first instantly makes most of the Skills list "Known" skills. The second one upgrades all Known skills to "Trained" level. And both of these talents are far cheaper than purchasing training and further tiers in each of the skills.