YMMV / Daniella Monet

  • Screwed by the Network: When Victorious finally had an episode devoted to her character, "How Trina Got In," Nickelodeon's promotions were only about the pointless B-plot of Tori needing to pay a sushi bill, and nothing about Trina. Either Nickelodeon really hates Monet, or Victoria Justice is a Creator's Pet of epic proportions.
    • Some fans feel that the ending the teacher was more or less high from bad milk, wasted the potential to have Monet actually perform for once.
  • The Woobie: She gets the least publicity out of all the girls in Victorious, and is constantly called ugly on the show.
    • She also tends to get derailed by people who can't tell the difference between her and characters she plays, and worse is how Nick basically screwed her over hard when Victorious was still a thing.