YMMV / Daniel X
aka: The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X

  • Complete Monster:
    • Ergent Seth, Number 6 on The List of Alien Outlaws on Earth, is the Big Bad of the first book in the series, The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X. A powerful criminal, Seth plans on eventually killing off the human race. In the meantime, Seth abducts dozens of kids at a time and uses them as slaves and drug-runners. Learning Daniel, an Alien Hunter, is on the prowl, Seth begins tormenting him in an attempt to make him leave, then disguises himself as a teenage girl and seduces him to learn how dangerous he is. Deciding Daniel can't stop him, Seth lethally wounds and captures him, then takes him to Daniel's home world, where Seth taunts him about the fact that he has wiped out most of the population. Finding an underground city full of surviving citizens, Seth begins slaughtering them before Daniel challenges him to a duel. Accepting the challenge, Seth orders his child slaves to observe the fight, just so they would be in his crosshairs if he needed leverage. A genocidal child-slaver, Ergent Seth showed that the top 10 villains on The List were far more dangerous and evil than Daniel first believed.
    • Number Five on The List, also his only known name, is an "entertainment" director and the Big Bad of the second book in the series, Watch The Skies. Showing up on planets with lesser tech than his, Five would mind-control isolated towns into performing entertaining acts, kill them in sadistic ways, then sell footage of these acts to illegal alien networks. Arriving on Earth, Five murders dozens of people through vaporization and Psychic-Assisted Suicide, including his own henchmen for unintentional insults, filming all the way. When his master plan, to use clones of himself to increase his filming to a galaxy-wide scale, is thwarted by Daniel X, Five holds his girlfriend hostage and tries to kill Daniel. Surviving his near-death at Daniel's hands, Five plans on infecting all technology on Earth and cause worldwide chaos, while also calling in reinforcements to help conquer the planet. Committing his atrocities for cheap entertainment, Number Five was an egomaniacal and sadistic monster who treated everyone as props for his "show."
    • Phosphorius Beta is the Big Bad of the 3rd book, Demons and Druids, and also Number 3 on The List. Using time portals, Beta has held civilizations throughout history in a grip of fear, wiping out thousands in the process. Terrorizing London, England in the present as an "arsonist," Beta regularly burns down entire blocks, engulfing oil refineries, schools, and day cares. Amassing a small army by turning them into extensions of himself, Beta uses them to collect as much organic material as possible, then ships it off to his home world, where it is used as "fast food." While trying to kill Daniel X and his friends, Beta reveals he plans to burn down London, then move on to the rest of the world until all that's left is a husk. A sadistic pyromaniac, Beta shows that his spot on The List was rightfully earned.

Alternative Title(s): The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X