YMMV / Danger Man

  • Bizarro Episode: "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove" which one could almost say (what with Don Chaffey directing, and all) that it was a beta test for The Prisoner.
    • Also "Koroshi" and "Shinda Shima" which featured rather Bondian OTT situations and villains. Frankly, if that was the direction they were looking to go in, no wonder McGoohan wanted out.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Both Edwin Astley's original theme, "High Wire", and Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The series is full of things that become either hilarious or portentous in light of The Prisoner. (Assuming you believe Drake is Number 6.)
    • The lyric from "Secret Agent Man" that runs, "They've given you a number/And taken away your name." Considering Patrick McGoohan's next series...
    • In a similar vein, Drake tells a character in "Yesterday's Enemies", "I want information...and I know that you deal in it." As we all know, every Number Two in The Prisoner wants "information...information...information."
    • Drake works for M9 in the hour-long episodes. The real MI-9 existed during WWII and was dedicated to helping Prisoners Of War escape and evade detection in Europe.
    • Drake farewells another agent by saying "Be seeing you" in "Fish on the Hook". He will get very sick of hearing this phrase later.
  • Values Resonance: "The Galloping Major", which is about an emerging democracy in Africa. (Describing it as Fair for Its Day would be damning it with faint praise.)