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YMMV: Daily Life with Monster Girl

  • Arc Fatigue: The mystery about who "D" is lasted from Chapters 18 to 24. "D" was falsely hinted at repeatedly with Draco, Kii, and Lilith. Doppel provided the initial note, while Lala wrote the second and final note.
  • Asspull: Suu pulling New Powers as the Plot Demands every couple of chapters. She can shapeshift, read minds, taste poisons and so on.
  • Broken Base: Fans have been split on the official spelling of the characters' names revealed in chapter 10, especially Meer (German for something between "ocean" an "sea")/Miia.
    • The dislike of the translation choices in the official english manga has caused not so much a split, but a near-unanimous decrying of it. The translation in itself isn't bad or incorrect, it's just filled with a Hurricane of Puns. Which to some people is a lot worse.
  • Les Yay: Papi and Suu. Suu notably kisses her outright during her water-absorbing spree in Chapter 10, when she settles for lapping up the water from Miia and Centorea.
  • Marty Stu: You'd be forgiven if you thought the protagonist is this. Virginity aside, and even that can be excused so he stays endearing to the readers, the guy is fearless and brave beyond belief, get all the girls even when he doesn't want to, is so deeply kind he reforms bad girls just by doing his thing, is a Supreme Chef, was living in a big house despite a low income (though in this case it's justified. For one, it's his parents house, not his: he's just watching over it while they're overseas. Second, he's a guinea pig for Monster Girls with different living requirements and is getting help from Smith, and the government is picking up the bill) and is basically everything a girl would dream of in a guy. What could have been an Escapist Character instead of a real Marty Stu was ruined by the antagonist men he goes against. They tend to be ugly, small to point of dwarfism and/or Dirty Cowards, enhancing his strength, beauty and manliness at every turn.
  • Never Live It Down: After her attempt to get Someone to Remember Him By before actually trying to save Kimihito in chapter 24, poor Meron quickly got saddled with the Fan Nickname of "Murdermaid."
  • Rewatch Bonus: Chapter 22. Toward the end Manako points out that she had seen "D" during the date with Tio. "D" actually was present in the background for all three dates.
  • Squick: Chapter 20. Very reminiscent of Seikon No Qwaser...
  • Unfortunate Implications: The fact that the only Male Extraspecies seen in the series were terrorists that wanted to rape a normal girl.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Chapter 14 sets Rachnera up as the manga's first possible villain, yet she was disappointingly added to the harem near-instantly. It would've been more climatic had she been a slightly longer-term antagonist with a sympathetic backstory that became a love interest.
    • And then there's Draco from chapter 19. Possible rival and villain...and he turns out to not even be an actual dude.
    • Not to mention the anticlimax resolution of the "D" mystery. The first letter was a joke. The second letter appeared to have been done by yet another goofy girl. The author got quite the knack to drop what could have been interesting plotlines for slapstick characters.
  • What an Idiot:
    • A funny example. Since Kimihito's death threat, Ms. Smith assigns a member of MON for protective detail during his dates. You'd think Doppel, the shape-shifting infiltrator, would be the perfect candidate for keeping an eye on him incognito; instead, Smith assigns Tio, the dark-skinned, horned giant. There's even a panel where pedestrians look at her in shock while she (futilely) tries to be discreet. Considering Doppel instigated the whole plot, it makes sense she's not available.
    • In doing this Doppel herself qualifies, as she accomplished the exact opposite of her job. Worse, her prank ended up allowing Lala to send an actual death threat unnoticed, as it was written off initially as another product of Doppel.
  • Wheelchair Woobie: Averted with Meron. She is chipper, polite, and only needs the wheelchair when she's not in her room, which has a pool of water to accommodate her.
  • Woolseyism: MON's acronym was changed from "Monsters of a Neuro" to "Monster Ops: Neutralization" in the official English translation, changing a case of Gratuitous English into a name that made sense in English.
    • In the official English translation, Rachnera's dialogue is riddled with spider puns and uses "itsy bitsy" as an adjective in nearly every single sentence.

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