YMMV / Dagon

  • Awesome Music: The track in the end credits.
  • Unfortunate Implications: As this review notes,
    Seriously, there are three female characters in Dagon, one being inexplicably naked and trying to have sex with the narrator; another, the main character’s girlfriend who is tied to an altar—naked—and stabbed a bunch; and the third, a friend who kills herself after she is raped. Maybe I’m a broken record, but after a while the lack of female characters who don’t have to pick two from the “naked, killed, or raped” bag becomes egregious to a point that even an inattentive viewer should start getting upset. Also, Gordon’s love for violently brutalizing naked women says a lot about how he thinks of them as human beings. That is to say, of course, that he doesn’t.
    • ...Though the review completely overlooks how just about every male protagonist is butchered just as gleefully, and the survivors also beg for death at the hands of their allies as an alternative. The main protagonist even attempts suicide-by-gasoline-and-match rather than surrender to the cultists.