YMMV / DK Vine

  • Ass Pull: Almost half the canon fixes in the fanon. From Master Hand's Interdimensional Chest of Time to Diddy Kong' prosthetic golfing fingers, this site will throw anything at the wall to explain away inconsistencies.
  • Creator Worship: Tons. New Staff member Sparky Z was popularly lampooned by Carter as a Chad and Slush worshipping elf. Mark's monikor "News Whore" comes from him sucking up to gain his editorship.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Even if you think their anger at Donkey Konga is excessive, it's hard not to laugh at the "Poetry Slam" they dedicated to it.
  • Death of the Author: After the Old Staff quit, their final sway in controlling DKU canon was lost. Aussie Ben would later take over the forums in attempt to enforce his will over Viva Piņata's canonicity.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Most posters consider the New Staff a worthless addition to the site and prefer to forget it exists, particularly satirical articles by Saf.
  • Mis-blamed: Shigeru Miyamoto was blamed for Rare not producing a new Donkey Kong Country, due to his infamously disparaging quote. Nevermind he later became a huge force in getting a new game made, he became the center of paranoid conspiracy theories wherein he was directly out to sabotage Rareware, in such ways as "forcing" Star Fox on Dinosaur Planet and mispromoting Conker's Bad Fur Day.