YMMV: Darkseid

Lord Darkseid understands some of you worms may not be satisfied with your petty explanations of his greatness. That is why he has allowed these... contentious issues... to linger. Beware, for he may turn his attention to you... and there will be no longer doubt about what Darkseid is.

  • Anti-Climax Boss: The Smallville version of him is a much bigger threat when he's a disembodied spirit spreading malevolence amongst the people of the Earth. As soon as he gets a body by possessing Lionel Luthor, Clark very easily takes him down.
  • Awesome Ego: Darksied is very arrogant, and looks all the more Badass for it.
  • Cant Unhear It: If you've seen any of his appearances in the DCAU than you're most likely reading every word Darkseid utters in Michael Ironside's sonorous voice.
  • Complete Monster:
    • He's the ultimate God of Evil in the DC Universe and the Trope Codifier for Dystopia Justifies the Means. As the ruler of the world Apokolips, Darkseid subjects its denizens to hellish conditions with the overwhelming majority of the population ill-treated slaves. The other New Gods fare no better as Darkseid is all too willing to subject them to hideous tortures or obliteration should they fail him. Darkseid detests all that is good in the universe and seeks to extend his influence everywhere he can. During Final Crisis, Darkseid murdered his heroic son Orion to permit himself to gain dominion over Earth. Once there, he enslaved the minds of everyone he could touch, turning them into savage parodies of themselves, intending to as he said "murder their souls and take them to hell without end." His ultimate motive is to use the Anti-Life Equation to rob everybody of free will and turn them all into mindless zombies who worship him as a god while he tortures them eternally, just for fun. Just as bloodthirsty and monstrous as any of those who serve him, Darkseid combines urbane sophistication, limitless cruelty and insatiable drive for power, and is the one single villain that all the heroes despise and fear.
    • In Superman: The Animated Series, he's the Evil Overlord of Apokolips and the Ultimate Evil of the DC Animated Universe, turned his home planet into a hellhole and seeks to do the same with Earth. He is a being utterly incapable of love or empathy for anyone. He handed over his adopted son, Scott Free, to be tortured and brainwashed by Granny Goodness, treated his loyal son, Kalibak, like garbage, and attempted to outright kill his other son, Orion while joking about it. Darkseid is also fond of conducting Cold-Blooded Torture and killing minions for failing him, or even for questioning him. Over the course of Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited, Darkseid tried to conquer earth no less than three times. The first time he’s defeated he compensated by personally murdering Dan Turpin just to cause Superman pain. The second time, he brainwashed Superman into leading Darkseid’s armies against his adopted world, turning the Man of Steel into a pariah for years. His third and final attempt stems not for a desire for power, but solely to make Superman suffer. There’s a reason why Darkseid is one of the only villains Superman outright tries to kill.
    “I hope you appreciate, Kal-El, that everything that happens from this point is on your head. The skies will rain fire, the oceans will boil, the streets will run red with the blood of billions. Only then, after your last pitiful hope is extinguished, will I end your life.”
    • There's a reason that BATMAN, the living Thou Shalt Not Kill epitome, tried to kill him during Final Crisis.
  • Evil Is Cool: He was easily the most popular character from Jack Kirby's New Gods metaseries, and he went on to become one of DC's most popular villains afterwards.
  • Game Breaker: His Omega Beam, which is nearly impossible to avoid or survive as long as he can see you.
  • Lawful Evil: Type 4, though with shades of Type 1 & 2 thrown in. Darkseid desires an ordered universe and has a twisted (and sometimes, optional) code of honor, but ultimately and above all he desires to eradicate The Evils of Free Will, happiness and goodness because he's a monumental bastard and wants everyone everywhere to worship him as God, and to suffer and die for his pleasure. Though he finds reality to be random and chaotic, he would never be content to allow someone else to be in charge of correcting that and he finds ideas like freedom, love and joy to be part of the problem, not to mention he could never live in a world where he couldn't make people as miserable as possible and hold ultimate power over their fates in his hands.
  • Love to Hate: A prime example of this, his fans agree that how appallingly evil he is a part of what makes him such an awesome villain.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Almost all incarnations. Most notable in Smallville when he's only a disembodied spirit and still manipulates everyone effortlessly. There's a reason he chose Lionel Luthor as his final vessel.
    • His DCAU incarnation which has him brainwashing Superman to send him against Earth. If Superman finishes the job, then Earth is softened up enough for him to take over. If he doesn't succeed, then Superman will be feared and hated by the people of Earth who he had worked so hard to get the trust of.
      • To top it off in that appearance? He succeeds. And even when Superman goes to Apokilips and pummels Darkseid within an inch of his life, the defenseless Darkseid just calmly has his loyal followers carry him to safety. His last words to Superman sum it up best:
    "I am many things Kal-El. But here I AM GOD"
  • Memetic Loser: During his severe Villain Decay he basically became a joke. But after Final Crisis it went the opposite direction as he swiftly reclaimed his villain cred.
  • Memetic Mutation: The sight of Darkseid chilling in your couch.
  • Moral Event Horizon: He never crossed it, he was created on the far side of the line.
    • In Final Crisis Darkseid is the Moral Singularity. Literally, his fall to Earth creates a black hole of evil dense enough to drag down the entire multiverse with him.
  • Villain Decay: For a Physical God to still be a threat after 30 years, it has to happen; he keeps being defeated, his plans keep being foiled, because if they were not, then there would no longer be a DC Universe. Unless they want to end the universe as a whole, Failure Is the Only Option, and that often means making the supposedly Godly Darkseid somebody's punk. For years, he had the title of Jobberseid. And then Final Crisis happened, and Darkseid came back with a vengeance.