YMMV: Danger 5

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Kilroy in "Final Victory".
  • Crossesthe Line Twice: Series 2 ends with Pierre sleeping with a woman. Her husband comes in, shoots them both, then himself. The camera closes in on Pierre's body, making it seem like he's just faking his death and will come back to life... he doesn't.
  • Ho Yay: Pierre and Tucker.
    • The US soldiers in "Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich".
    "Remember we all love you, Pte. Detroit. Like a lover."
    • Jackson takes it even further in series 2.
  • The Scrappy: Parodied with Kilroy.
    • Holly is a (possible) straight example.
  • The Woobie:
    • Tucker. He'd do anything for Claire, but is constantly getting pushed away. When they do finally get married, she's killed and he's left grieving.
    • Jackson is an Iron Woobie with regards to Ilsa. He's constantly frustrated by Ilsa's numerous flings with cruel men, whilst treating Jackson as little more than a fried. Then he gets PTSD from Vietnam and can barely keep it together.