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YMMV: Cyclops
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Cyclops has been hit with a lot of this over the years, both by fans and by writers. Depending on the Writer he's either a kind, compassionate man who simply suffers from bad social skills or he's a stubborn Jerkass control freak who may or may not have developed some very bigoted disdain towards the humans who have persecuted him and his fellow mutants.
  • Base Breaker: Quite possibly the champion Base Breaker among X-Men characters and fans along with Wolverine, due to the number of times he's fallen into the hands of writers who either don't like him, don't understand him or both, or who dismiss him simply for being "that guy who isn't Wolverine" or "that guy who doesn't get along with Wolverine", and even now branching over into other characters, usually other heroes, being derailed just so he can look better by comparison. Sadly Captain America, who is usually a Nice Guy and the Marvel universe's usual go to guy for a Big Good, has been getting hit pretty hard with the Jerkass stick in order to make Cyclops look better.
  • Creator's Pet: Played straight when written by Matt Fraction, who many feel made his run pretty much a love-letter to him. Inverted, however, by Craig Kyle and Jason Aaron. With Kyle, in some of the works with is writing partner Chris Yost (such as X-Force and Wolverine and the X-Men), Cyclops tends to be incompetent, moody, and generally unlikeable, but whenever Chrs Yost handles him by himself, and even some works with Kyle, Cyke tends to be much more balanced and likeable, making it apparent this is Kyle (similar with the level of violence too; whenever Kyle is involved, Yost's work is much more bloody and violent). Meanwhile, with Jason Aaron, he's penned two big storylines (Schism and Avengers vs. X-Men) involving Cyclops, both of which involve Wolverine (and in AVX, Captain America) giving Cyclops a "The Reason You Suck" Speech after he crosses what is supposedly the Moral Event Horizon, with the end being Cyclops left with a large group of his former team, and the superhero community in general, hating his guts. Meanwhile, in his contributions to Battle Of The Atom, both Wolverine and Storm spend notable moments reminding him and the viewer that they don't like him and think he's crossed the line, without explaining why. With Kyle its arguable to say this since its only really bad in WATXM, but Aaron, at this point its pretty clear he seems to enjoy having characters hate him.
  • Designated Villain: Is frequently blamed for everything that goes wrong simply because he's the only one to step up to the plate and accept responsibility.
  • Draco in Leather Pants / Rooting for the Empire: Scott's recent Hazy Feel Turn (and the Avengers' writers incidence on painting him as the villain) has led to a group of militant Scott Supporters hyper rationalizing each and every action he's every taken.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: While Big Scott still counts as a Base Breaker despite his large increase in popularity since Av X, Young Scott's status as The Cutie and a Badass Adorable has managed to win around a large number of people to his side, even, strangely, a contingent of people who hate on his older self. The fact that his solo is amazingly drawn and written possibly helps too.
  • Fridge Horror: Scott's relationship with Emma Frost becomes a lot less romantic when you remember that its foundation was built on rape.(She convinced him having psychic sex was the best way to treat his PTSD while acting as his therapist.)
  • Ho Yay: The fact that his younger self in All-New X-Men #20 expresses an attraction to Wolverine's Opposite-Sex Clone, X-23, has not gone unremarked upon, either within the book or by the fanbase.
  • Informed Wrongness: Jason Aaron loves to have characters hate on Cyclops. In Schism, Wolverine and mutants siding with him break off from Cyclops. Wolverine cites that children shouldn't be trained to fight... Readers are quick to point out that the X-Men have always trained kids to defend themselves, and that, at the time of Schism, mutants were near-extinct, and anti-mutant violence was at an all-time high. It doesn't help that Wolverine himself makes a point of taking a teenage girl under his wing every decade or so. Especially mind-numbing is the fact that Wolverine's plan is essentially to run way and hope they escape, and to encourage them to run he rigs the whole island to explode. In the end, the students start fighting off the Sentinel while the two fight, and when they realize this, Wolverine abandons his plan to help do the exact thing Cyclops said they should...and yet in the end, instead of admitting Scott was right, he leaves, because Scott is making the students fight their battles (despite the fact that, if he doesn't let them fight, them and everyone else will die).
    • In the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men, Aaron makes it a point to have characters get angry at and insult Cyclops literally whenever they meet, even characters that don't hate him in other books, and regardless of the current situation. Characters have called out Cyclops for training his students to fight and taking them in his missions... Which the X-Men do fairly often. Readers are quick to note that Cyclops' students are all college aged or older. Hell, after Cyclops shows concern for Wolverine and saves his life, Logan decides to be a dick to him.
  • Iron Woobie and Stoic Woobie: Scott's gone through so much shit in his life its not a surprise he can be a bit of a dick sometimes. Still, his recent actions to protect what's left of the mutant race comes from the fact that the mutant race is the only thing he has left to fight for. People's reactions, at large, to Avengers vs. X-Men seem to mostly be sympathy to Cyke.
    • Both young and old Cyclops in All-New X-Men also become major woobies by the fifth issue. Old Cyclops has to deal with even his own team hating his guts, his former family hunting him, and the world at large wanting him dead, for actions he did while not in control of his own body, all the while he's trying to do good, but all his actions are demonized. Young Cyclops, however, has to deal with his friends freezing him out, the knowledge that he's going to degenerate into a seemingly mess that killed his father figure, and all the present day X-Men looking at him with a contempt due to their hatred of his present self that he just does not understand. It does not help that as time goes on, he increasingly notes the glaring flaws in his detractor's philosophy, and the extenuating circumstances in his future counterpart.
  • It Was His Sled: His involvement in some (if not all) of the most prominent, memorable, and/or classic X-Men stories means that any one familiar with comics in the least probably knows a lot about him.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Solidified in Curse of the Mutants. To add some context, Utopia was surrounded by Vampires, fighting on every side and platform. Jubilee and Wolverine have both been turned, and the latter is standing only a few feet away, ready to cut his head off and turn the rest of the X-Men. Cyke's response? Pulling out a control to reactivate Wolverine's Healing Factor, turning him back. That's right, Scott discovered he was immune to vampirism and that the vampires wanted to turn him, so he deactivated his Healing Factor and allowed him to be turned, just so he could turn him back right when they were relying on him to lead their forces. The vampires, still in shock, are promptly slaughtered. Meanwhile, Scott's earlier plan, to bring back Dracula and have him take back the vampire horde, appeared to have failed and was forgotten...only for it to turnout Dracula had been tracking down Xarus all this time, and after curbstomping his son and taking back his place, Cyke warns him that he could kill him with the push of a button. Dracula claims that he knows he's bluffing, but still lets them leave in peace. In short, do NOT threaten the safety of Cyclops' people, and when he says that he will slaughter you, he means it.
  • Memetic Mutation: Flyclops and Cyclopalypse.
    • And more recently, 'Cyclops was Right', notably since Cyclops, in the hands of Kieron Gillen, actually mentioned it in-story.
  • Never Live It Down: Despite the sheer amount of leadership and badassery Scott had shown, he can never take a break for his screw-ups that the writers had piled on him, which is the usual ammunition of his haters in favor of his clawed rival.
    • "Abandoning" his wife Madelyne Pryor and son Nathan Summers to search for the resurrected Jean Grey.
    • Being involved with a psychic love affair with Emma, while married to the psychic Jean which overlaps with Misblamed, as the affair started with rape..
    • Killing Charles Xavier during a psychotic rampage while possessed by the Dark Phoenix.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: While Cyke was always more of a Base Breaker than a Scrappy, Post-AVX, he seems to have shot up in popularity, possibly usurping Wolverine (Going by recent sales, Uncanny, Scott's book, has nearly double the sales WATXM has, though that might be due to Brian Bendis writing and its lower issue count (Wolvie's series was in the 40s before relaunching). Due to the Designated Villain treatment he got and is still getting, combined with his genuine attempts at helping people and apparently being the only one bothering to reach out and help any of the newly awakened mutants, and the fact he's the only one who tries to suggest peace rather than tossing insults and fighting whenever he runs into the people who currently dislike him, despite it being them we're apparently supposed to root for. Notably, when Cyclops popped up in WATXM to help Wolverine fight off sentinels, fans actually cheered Cyclops on and called for him to Just Shoot Him now that Wolverine's without his Healing Factor since Wolverine was being such a huge dick to him (which he did literally the second after Scott saved his life).
  • Ron the Death Eater: While Cyclops may not be perfect and he makes his share of mistakes, but as an A-List superhero team leader, that's bound to happen. However, as far as some writers, fan or professional alike, are concerned, he's the most despicable person on the planet. Despite being brainwashed at the time, people are blaming him and solely him for the state mutants are in now, despite mutants always being in this kind of situation. Then there's the fans who complain about the fact he blames Wolverine and the Avengers, or the dark Phoenix, instead of accepting blame himself...despite the fact that he still accepted responsibility, and is the only one in the mess who's accepted any blame in the whole mess (except for Captain America, who at least admits he hasn't done enough to help mutants), while the opposing side hasn't and continue to blame him for everything.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Where to even start? Cyke/Jean vs. Cyke/Emma is probably the biggest battle in the fan base, the former being iconic while the latter some fans find far more interesting, and still others remember him fondly with Madelyn Prior (who was later revealed to be an evil clone of Jean, or driven to being evil Depending on the Writer). That's not even getting into Ho Yay with Angel and, of course, Wolverine. Now there's also the fact that some writers have decided that the Phoenix Force itself wants him. Then of course is Mr. Sinister, who has long displayed an unhealthy obsession with Cyclops within the books leading to quite a bit of subtext among fans. More recently, Uncanny has seen Tempus, Maria Hill and even Magik enter the fray. And that's not even including Teen!Scott in All-New, who is popularly linked both with the obligatory Jean Grey (in this case time-displaced O5 Teen!Jeen) and, thanks to Rule63 giving the fanbase an outlet for Adult!Scott's subtext with Logan, X-23. The one thing all of the fans seems to agree one is that Scott loves to hook up with crazy people that would love nothing more than to dominate and break him.
  • Unfortunate Implications: His marriage to Madeline "Maddie" Pryor has enough of this constitute Fridge Horror. To fully understand: Chris Claremont's original ending for the Dark Phoenix Saga was that Jean Grey, Cyclops's long time love interest, was to be brutally stripped of both her Phoenix powers and her original mutant powers as punishment for the bad things she did as the Dark Phoenix, and from there a powerless and very depressed Jean would retire with Cyclops and try to move on with their lives and their relationship, getting married, starting a family and all that, but Marvel's then big boss Jim Shooter refused to let this ending pass and insisted on having Jean die at the end (the original ending later became the basis for a Marvel What If? issue). So Jean died - and while a grief stricken Cyclops tried to move on and had a few non-mutant love interests after that Claremont couldn't let go of wanting Cyclops to settle down with a red head, so he created Maddie Pryor, a woman who looked exactly like Jean or almost exactly like her, right down to the red hair (albeit styled differently) and green eyes, as a replacement stand in for Jean, whom Cyclops eventually wound up marrying and having his son Cable with. According to Claremont the intended message was that we need to move on from the loss of our loved ones and we need to accept people for who they are and not who they remind us of or who we want them to be, as evidenced by a scene where Cyclops even asks Maddie if she is Jean and she pimp smacks him for it. The problem with this is that it still boiled down to Cyclops hooking up with a lookalike of his dead girlfriend when he could have just as easily have settled down with Colleen Wing or Lee Forrester, his two non-mutant love interests who did not look like Jean, so instead of looking like Cyclops had moved on and was now living happily ever after it looked like he was just entering an unhealthy relationship with a woman for no better reason than she looked like his dead lover. This eventually became Ascended Fridge Horror when X-Factor got hatched and the real Jean came back, which led to a period of very ugly writing for Cyclops.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Scott bounces back and forth between this and Unintentionally Sympathetic so often Depending on the Writer it's not even funny.

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