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YMMV: Cyborg 009
  • Angst? What Angst?: Cyborg 006 notably doesn't angst about his status as a cyborg. It's never explained why exactly, though his age (40s), his general personality, and the fact that in the manga he was picked up by Black Ghost in the midst of hanging himself probably add up to it.
  • Awesome Music: The 2001 anime boasts an impressive soundtrack that combines heroically epic orchestra with exciting techno beats, with some emotionally soft tunes thrown in for good measure.
    • It's by none other than Tetsuya Komoro and GLOBE, of course it's gonna have awesome tracks.
  • Contested Sequel: "Conclusion: God's War" is meant to be seen as the official continuation and ending to the manga, however, the fact that it wasn't written by Ishinomori (owing to Author Existence Failure) has left it highly contested by fans. The fact that Kazuhiko Shimamoto was left out of the planning for the finalized manga also sparked controversy, as Ishinomori had wanted to co-plot the original concept with him.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: At the end of the fight between 0010 plus and minus in the 2001 adaptation, 009 walks up to their burned bodies while talking about how they are brothers but could not come in contact with each other or else they would die. The next shot shows 002 through 008, all worn out from the battle and supporting each other by holding their hands and propping each other up with their arms.
  • Die for Our Ship: Yaoi fangirls really hated 003 (for a while). 009 x 003 fans really hated either Cynthia, Ixquic, Karl, Helen (especially in the 2001 anime) or 002. As far as the "God's War" manga goes? Hisui and Alan aren't very liked due to being seen as cheapening the 009 x 003 relationship by being other love interests and then there's Hisui as Himiko committing Mind Rape on Joe to make him hallucinate having sex with her.
    • While most of this behavior has quieted down in recent years, occasional flare-ups can be seen in parts of the fanbase, especially when it concerns the sanctity of 009 x 003 or other fans not liking characters being either in the way of canon or their own ships. And especially with "God's War" complicating the matter.
  • Genius Bonus: For the '68 series (in regards to the episode with Cyborg X), how dangerous a Cobalt Bomb actually is. It's not as explosive as an Uranium Bomb, but it's the most radioactive bomb ever conceived. It's been over 45 Years and this bomb is still only hypothetical.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Much like other cult classic anime, Cyborg 009 seems to have a stronger following outside of Japan in Italy.
    • It's also pretty well loved in Latin America.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The 2001 anime wouldn't be the only time Takahiro Sakurai would voice a character named Joe.
  • Internet Backdraft: Sometimes the matter of 008's original design can cause heated fissures in discussion about it. One argument is that Ishinomori's intent was to use caricatured designs for him and cyborgs 006 and 005 while juxtaposing serious character portrayals to make viewers not judge them on those appearances, while others chalk the designs up to the general Values Dissonance in early manga (also witnessed with other artists of the time).
  • Moral Event Horizon: Omega sinks below this within after two minutes of screentime in the "Cyborg X" episode of the '68 series, shocking X for his "human" thoughts.
    • If you thought Von Bogoot wasn't enough of an asshole when he used Joe's Forgotten Childhood Friends as pawns and killed them when they hesitated to murder him, then him murdering the five Pu'Awak sisters in cold blood and gloating about it will definitely convince you.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Here.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The Black Ghost Organization has agents scouring the world for people they can make disappear. At least one of the main heroes (005 aka Geronimo Junior) was actually sold to the organization by his boss. Oh, and they're big fans of War for Fun and Profit.
    • Not to mention, the fact that it is global. Not only does that mean that pretty much no one is safe, but the sheer scale of the area they're abducting from means that it's all but impossible for anyone to make connections between the kidnappings and find the common thread.
  • Tear Jerker: LOTS of them.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: How some feel about the 2012 movie. What with its Conspicuous CG and drastic redesigns for some of the characters. 002's design being the most drastic and complained about, as not only he becomes a blond but loses his Gag Nose. Here it is, if you wonder. It should be noted, however, that his nose is still rather big, it's just being portrayed more realistically.
    • The fact that the "Conclusion: God's War" manga and light novel apparently diverge drastically from Ishinomori's original notes in parts, as well as coming off unnecessarily Darker and Edgier, has lead to this reaction among the Japanese fanbase. The anime version (which itself only covered part of the story and ended off on a cliffhanger) is regarded by some as being closer to his intent, even with the Big Bad swapped out to be Queen Himiko.
    • "Battle with the Gods" incurred a very vocal reaction of this back when it was published in COM, with fans widely criticizing the "ugly" art in the arc and not being fond of Ishinomori's style change- in both narrative and art style. The scene with 009 and 003 depicted having sex only spiked the controversy further. This was one of the factors that lead to the arc abruptly cutting off.
    • The Archaia graphic novel also garnered a pre-emptive negative reception of "Cyborg 009 ruined by Americans", due to the modernizing of the story, the feeling that Joe's design was whitewashed, and other cosmetic changes such as 002 once again becoming blond and more conventionally attractive. The fact that it compressed elements of "Birth" through "Yomi" into one story also left some fans feeling disappointed, although the novel is also well-liked by many others in spite of these issues.
  • Unfortunate Implications: 008's original design, despite the very anti racist tone of the manga in itself. Toned down in later adaptations, like the 1980 movie and the 2001 series- where Pyunma looks much less caricatured. (And here is his re-design for the 2012 movie, where he gains a Badass Beard and looks quite normal.) His 2001 design also carries over to Archaia's American graphic novel adaptation.
    • G-Junior's backstory in the manga, however, pointedly avoids them. He was Genre Savvy enough to refuse a job offer because he didn't want to portray himself as a racist caricature.
    • In several continuities, Albert Heinrich/004 fires his hand weapon by holding his fingers and thumb straight with a extended arm, which bears an uncomfortable resemblance to the Nazi salute. It's exacerbated by the fact that 004 is a German who lived through Third Reich era, given than he's in his thirties when the series begins (early 1960s).
  • Values Resonance: The team is not only multinational, but all the members consider themselves as True Companions and treat each other with respect and affection no matter their differences. Not to mention the whole anti-war and anti-discrimination theme.
  • Villain Sue: The Gods from the ending just exist to kill all the characters.

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