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YMMV: Cybergirl
  • Complete Monster: Rhyss is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who lives behind the facade of a well-respected businessman and philanthropist. In reality however, he plans to take over the world, starting with his hometown River City. To that end, he gains power throughout the series via blackmailing, manipulating the media, staging terroristic attacks (which he blames on Cybergirl) and more. He later actually succeeds in becoming the Mayor. How? By kidnapping and threatening the daughter of the former Mayor, covering it up and later using at as argument against her, saying that she is incompetent and can't even keep her own house safe. When he has full control, his first act is putting Ax-Crazy villainess Xanda (which he forced into his service) in charge of the police in order to start a manhunt for Cybergirl. Later, he repeadetly turns the electricity of the whole town off, just because he can and then forces Cy into a sadistic Game by causing random traffic lights and later Trains full of people to go out of control. On top of that, there is his creepy obsession with Cy. Not even attempted Genocide is too far for him to reach his goals.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Rhyss zig-zags between this and Smug Snake.

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