YMMV / Cube Zero

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: About Jax, the head The Men in Black villain. Given his whole spiel about "observing the observers" and being seen answering the phone to talk to an unseen boss of his, how much of a willing enforcer is he in the grand scheme of things? Also, is he purely sadistic, or does he respect Wynn in some odd way? His final speech, while clearly trolling him at first, can be read various ways.
  • Contested Sequel: On one hand, it's got a lot of unique ideas and it expands the story a lot. On the other, it's rather poorly acted, the dialogue is extremely cliché (especially compared to Cube 2: Hypercube), and it manages to be even less believable than the other two.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Jax, it seems. He's also rather... eccentric.