YMMV / Cube World

  • Broken Base: Everyone had hype for the game once the alpha version went up for sale back in July of 2013. Many months had gone by since the alpha release and there hadn't been any updates to the game since then nor was there any word from the developer himself, despite people trying to get a hold of him. The sudden drop in updates and communication divided the fanbase into two camps; one side believes the developer created a scam to steal everyone's money and they want a refund while the other side believes that updates will come regardless on whether the developer talks about it or not.
    • The developer finally spoke up towards late October of the same year, saying several factors were causing a significant delay towards the next patch release, such as an improved launcher, new enemies, rebalancing to make the game easier for low level players and harder for high level players, etc. The developer also went on to say that he was also trying to improve customer support, have a better website for the game, and had moved to a bigger apartment to help develop the game at a smoother rate.
      • However, after making a few more posts showcasing the new stuff he was working on, Wollay went quiet again for several more months, causing people to, once again, fear that he fell off the face of the earth and stole the money people used to buy the game while the other side of the camp says this is how Wollay operates and shouldn't be rushed.
      • Recently the Picroma website has disabled both registration and the store page. Though Wollay's wife Pixxie has been replying to emails, people are still largely unimpressed by this move, though the faithful believe this could be a preparatory step towards the next big update.
  • Demonic Spiders: Any hostile Mage adventurer is one. Currently, their attacks almost never miss, especially the tornado attacks by staff-wielding Mages, and are almost impossible to fully dodge.
  • Good Bad Bugs: As this game is still in Alpha release, there are a massive ton of bugs. A few of the more common (and hilarious) ones:
    • Rangers:
    • Rogues:
      • Ninjas have a passive, Elusiveness, that allows their next RMB attack or skill to be a Critical Hit, if they successfully dodge an enemy's attack. However, when the passive is up, all LMB normal attacks become 100% critical hits until RMB or a skill is used!
      • The next bug is more of an oversight, but the other Ninja passive, Counter Strike, makes the ninja invulnerable when he performs a special attack (RMB or skills). Combo that with the bug above, and you have a nigh-invulnerable character.
      • Last but certainly not least, when you hold down skill 2 and then 1 as a rouge, and look at an angle higher than your character, you just take off and float up in the air.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Talking to an innkeeper or leveling up produces a ridiculously loud noise which does not seem to be able to be toned down in the options.
  • Older Than They Think: 3D Dot Game Heroes is a voxel-based RPG released nearly 4 years after Cube World's alpha version, minus the Wide Open Sandbox elements. There's a tiny group of people who think the latter game actually derived its concept from 3D Dot Game Heroes.
  • Vapor Ware: A very, very common accusation these days, since it's been (as of Jul '15) over two years since the last major update. The cynical half of the Broken Base is convinced the game will never see further development.