YMMV / CthulhuTech

  • Artistic License Physics: Usually explained away by magic or it being an anime genre convention, but sometimes just odd. Perhaps the most glaring example (both due to its short length and because of the way it defies not just science, but basic logic) is the description of electrokinetic weapons:
    "With a minimum of moving parts, electrokinetic rail weapons silently fire metallic projectiles at an extremely high and accurate rate with a muzzle velocity that exceeds the speed of sound."
    • The next paragraph does mention "Beyond the audible crack of breaking the sound barrier, electrokinetic weapons are virtually silent", so it is probable they just didn't want to mention it twice.
    • Or the line from "Burning Horizons" about how it's ''easier'' to hide things in space because you can vent all the heat "into space", which is actually the exact opposite of how it works.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why is it called the Aeon War?
    "That is not dead which can eternal lie
    And with strange aeons even death may die"
  • Sliding Scale of Social Satisfaction: Life in the Arcologies is actually quite good, despite the war. The Death Shadows want to turn them into a Dystopia.
  • Squick: There is an awful lot of references to rape (anything from the Old Ones having "rape camps" up to a gadget on one of the equipment sections (used by the bad guys, mind) that steals energy for magical artifact charging out of people via being, essentially, a rape machine). It got so bad that one of the explicitly mentioned changes done for the game's Second Edition is that it will cut down on these references.