YMMV / Crush 40

  • Covered Up: Their cover of "Fire Woman" is generally assumed to be about Blaze the Cat. However, they are very quick to point out it's a cover and say that Blaze had nothing to do with the cover. Jun simply wanted a cover song on their 2009 album, and Johnny chose "Fire Woman"
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: They have a lot. Some standout examples are Open Your Heart, Live and Learn, What I'm Made Of, and His World.
    • Sonic Youth, which was a callback to multiple Sonic the Hedgehog songs.
  • Face of the Band: Jun Senoue actually stated that the band would cease to exist if either he or Johnny left.
  • Misattributed Song: They get this pretty bad. If its a vocal song in a Sonic game, they WILL get credited for it by someone. Some of the more confusing examples are Lazy Days ~ Livin In Paradise, and disturbingly, My Sweet Passion, which is sung by a girl. And perhaps the most prevalent songs to be hit by this are It Doesn't Matter and Escape From the City, being that they were bonus tracks on a Crush 40 album and share a guitarist.
  • Mondegreen: For the most part averted, but this hits hard in Knight of the Wind, which has these in the double digits.
    • For the lyrics of What I'm Made Of some sites will list lyrics in the chorus as "take a part of me" and others "take a bite of me".
  • Narm Charm: Being that most of their lyrics are made to be applicable to video games, this is kinda inevitable. Arguably hits its hardest in the song Sonic Heroes. If it wasn't for the rockin' music (and Johnny Gioeli's incredible singing), they'd be straight-up Narm.
  • Signature Song: Live and Learn, easily their most recognized and respected song from the series to the general audience.
    • Open Your Heart, their first song, also qualifies. Pretty much anything that includes Live and Learn will have this song as well.
  • Tear Jerker: "Live Life" from Sonic & the Black Knight, especially since it would be not only the last game as of yet to feature a new Crush 40 song, but also the last time Jason Griffith (who's vocal work in the series had since become Vindicated by History) would ever voice Sonic in a video game again.
    • There's also "Watch Me Fly..." from NASCAR Arcade, in the more heartwarming sense. And man, can Johnny really pack a punch with his vocal delivery on this one.
    Well i've been wondering about who I am
    And just how far I drive to see the end
    Where I started from, where I believe i've won
    And as the sweat rolls down my face
    I put my heart into this place of mine
    Go back in time to see what i'm living in
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: Johnny Gioeli's confident and sincere vocals can make the cheesiest lyrics sound incredible. His cover of Sonic Boom is probably the best example of this.