YMMV / Cross Region

  • Break the Cutie: Happens pretty frequently.
    • Serena and Piper throughout the entire story. The roleplay begins with the two Shaymin being captured in an attempt to save their friend Hrikaire from a poacher, and forcefully removed from their home on Sinnoh's Flower Paradise. By the time they've escaped, they stumble home to discover that Cipher has completely and utterly decimated the Flower Paradise, killed or captured most of the other Shaymin, and burned down the big tree that they used to live under together, causing Serena to have a breakdown. The two of them become nomads after that and undergo a variety of hellish transformations as a result of Vladimir's experiments with them in Mt. Coronet, including one where they both lose their sense of self so much that Piper betrays her best friend and causes both to sink into a depression after they temporarily go their separate ways. This ultimately culminates in both dying, though they do come back for second chances at life when Serena makes a wish at the Hall of Origin.
    • Midnite, every two pages. However, he pulls himself together quickly and grows stronger.
  • Memetic Molester: Nero and Edward.
  • Dead Fic: Since the writers eventually stopped tending to the roleplay, it has been left on a permanent cliffhanger since 2013.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning: It takes the story a very long time to really and truly get going, due to all of the sub-plots and mini-arcs between the Loads and Loads of Characters. By the time the ball starts rolling with the Shadow Arc, the roleplay has already gone into hiatus due to the absence of the writers.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Several characters are either killed off or Put on a Bus before they really get a chance to shine. Some of these characters were benched due to the authors not knowing what to do with them, or how to smoothly integrate them into the story, while others were thought to have outlived their plot relevance.
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: Serena's mini-arc with Chris, a human boy she meets after she and Piper go their own separate ways for a while. In her depression over losing her best friend, she temporarily joins Chris as a battle partner and is transformed into a Grovyle so as to become a stronger fighter, but it doesn't last long since she grows ill, and eventually dies soon after she's rushed to a Pokemon Center. After Arceus restores her to life following a bit of bargaining, she comes back as though nothing ever happened, and Chris is never seen or mentioned again. The bizarre nature of this "arc" has even become an in-joke among the writers.
  • Villain Decay: King and his constant ambush of cronies. They eventually became less and less threatening, until they were finally wiped out by Zuno.
    • Though, the Sableye Band was absolutely laughable since their debut.
    • Vladimir, albeit intentionally so. After he is reluctantly dragged along on the other Pokemon's quest to find the Time Flute, he begins to soften up over the course of the story until he eventually decides that there are better things in life than villainy, and permanently becomes an Anti-Hero thereafter.
    • Nero, as well. He starts out as a credible threat, but once he "joins" the good guys, he seems to undergo a bit of Sanity Slippage and eventually devolves into little more than a goofy lunatic and a comic relief. Lampshaded slightly, as even Piper and Serena no longer have any problems with him after a while.