YMMV: Creep

  • Cliché Storm: Arguably the first part of the movie (rich unlikable tweens are having a party, two of them are chased and locked somewhere dangerous as punishment for unlikability), though it redeems itself by avoiding many usual tropes and commonplace things in horror movies.
  • Hell Is That Noise: That horrible chorus of crying babies when Creep looks at the preserved babies in jars. *shudder*
    • "Jimmy... Jimmy... Jimmy... Jimmy..."
  • Idiot Plot: Kate wants to go to a party because George Clooney is going to be there !
  • Paranoia Fuel: Several of the shots featuring Kate in the first half of the film are very POV shot in nature, as if someone is watching her...
  • So Bad, It's Good: There's arguably nothing very original in this film. But is it fun? Oh, yeah.
    • It may not fit as its flaws doesn't as much make it better to watch (even though the stupid Idiot Plot at the beginning does), as they are simply overruled by its good qualities.