YMMV / Crécy

  • Acceptable Targets: The French, obviously, but also the Welsh, who, we learn, are a poisonous fucking people and not fucking human, despite being on our side. We also see a map showing England's neighbours; Wales is labelled "SHEEP SHAGGERS". On the same map is 'FUCKING SCOTLAND', dismissed as potentially useful territory on the grounds that "it's not like there are any bloody humans living there, is it?"
    • Also a case of Hypocritical Humor there; William of Stonham points out that if the Welsh had shown just a touch of solidarity instead of treating people from other communities as subhuman, they'd still be independent Welshmen instead of English citizens... while screaming that the Welsh are subhuman.
      Nothing a Welshman hates more than a Welshman from another village... You know how the English conquered Wales? One village at a time. Because no Welshman would run to the next Welsh village to warn them that the English were coming. You all went down warm in the knowledge that the next village would get it too and they deserved it for being foreign.
    • ...though there's also an undertone of, "...But we're all English god-damn it, and you screw with any of us you screw with all of us!"
      There's people from all over England here, English villagers. The common people standing up and saying, "No more. Stay the hell out of our country."
  • Anvilicious: The anachronistic class sentiments brought by Warren Ellis, and its undercurrent of British jingoism, is off-putting to some readers. Especially when Ellis glosses over the war crimes committed by the English in France, with merely one brief single panel, while likewise ignoring that the English ultimately lost the The Hundred Years Warnote