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YMMV: Create A Pokemon Anime Style Battling
  • Game Breaker: Several. The following examples have been patched.
    • When ASB first started, Perish Song was removed by U-Turn and Volt Switch. This made it exceedingly easy for C$FP to take down all the enemies in the ASB version of the Battle Hall using a Kitsunoh with both Perish Song and U-Turn. Now, U-Turn does not remove Perish Song if the U-Turner is the user or any of the user's allies.
    • Sheer Force Cyclohm. Cyclohm now has Overcoat instead of Sheer Force.
    • Due to traits always functioning in battles regardless of ability clauses, and levitate being given to many Pokémon based on wings or anime precident, Klinklang had four abilities in one ability battles: Plus, Minus, Clear Body, and Levitate. This was changed when an ability overhaul took place, removing trait status from Plus and Minus, and removing Levitate from those who do not have the ability (but giving the Levitate command instead).
    • In the past, Pokémon gave extra Currency Counters to its owner if its movepool was completed. However, with few exceptions, the standard bonus was 5, where a Klinklang with about 40 moves would give the same bonus as a Lucario, who has over a hundred moves. An easy trick to gain a lot of Currency Counters fast was to gain a Pokémon with a small movepool and complete it. Again, this was changed where Pokémon give extra Currency Counters based on their movepool size if completed. At the time this change was implemented, Klinklang gave its trainer 3, while Lucario gave its trainer 6.
  • The Dreaded/Terror Hero: Dogfish44, Engineer Pikachu, and Its_A_Random. All three are strong players in CAP ASB, and many are of the opinion that they stand little chance on 'even' battles. This is brought Up to Eleven when they are refereeing the role-play The Legend Run.
  • The Scrappy: According to Geodude6, himself.

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