YMMV / Create A Pokemon Anime Style Battling

This page contains a list of all the subjective tropes in CAP ASB and its several roleplays.
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The following YMMV Tropes apply to ASB in general:
  • Abridged Arena Array: The possibilities for arenas are virtually endless, yet everyone will always play on the ASB Tournament Arena because it is a neutral arena with no restrictions. The only time ASB Tournament Arena is not used is when the Roleplay demands it, such as Gyms and TLR.
    • Even then, one Gym Leader picked ASB Tournament Arena (or at least, a flavourful variant) as their Gym Arena during their reign.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Imagine this: You reach the boss of a TLR and then you suddenly throw a Master Ball at the Legend. What was meant to be a tough battle suddenly becomes a case of take out or capture the remaining mook(s) and then run away with the legend you got!
  • Combination Attack: Well whether a combination will work as intended or not is up to the discretion of the referee after all in ASB!
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Upon leaving (Details left below), SubwayJ gave the Meloetta he obtained in a tournament to his best friend, Matezoide, who was, coincidentally, the Runner Up of said tournament.
  • Game-Breaker: Several.
    • The following examples have been patched:
      • When ASB first started, Perish Song was removed by U-Turn and Volt Switch. This made it exceedingly easy for C$FP to take down all the enemies in the ASB version of the Battle Hall including an Arceus using a Kitsunoh with both Perish Song and U-Turn. Now, U-Turn does not remove Perish Song if the U-Turner is the user or any of the user's allies.
      • Sheer Force Cyclohm. Cyclohm now has Overcoat instead of Sheer Force.
      • Due to traits always functioning in battles regardless of ability clauses, and Levitate being given to many Pokémon based on wings or anime precident, Klinklang had four abilities in one ability battles: Plus, Minus, Clear Body, and Levitate. This was changed when an ability overhaul took place, removing trait status from Plus and Minus, and removing Levitate from those who do not have the ability (but giving the Levitate command instead).
      • In the past, Pokémon gave extra Currency Counters to its owner if its movepool was completed. However, with few exceptions, the standard bonus was 5, where a Klinklang with about 40 moves would give the same bonus as a Lucario, who has over a hundred moves. An easy trick to gain a lot of Currency Counters fast was to gain a Pokémon with a small movepool and complete it. Again, this was changed where Pokémon give extra Currency Counters based on their movepool size if completed. At the time this change was implemented, Klinklang gave its trainer 3, while Lucario gave its trainer 6.
    • The following examples are current:
      • Greninja has rapidly become this, due to a combination of traits which allow it to consistently gain an advantage ordering second and having very few reliable counters. With its ability to get STAB on everything and change typing at will, the ability to hold a Rare Candy which further augments its offense, a blistering speed stat, and a wide disruptive, support, and offensive movepool, it is not hard to see why users have flocked towards it in droves. It was nerfed (twice), but is still quite strong and is still a popular choice.
      • Arguably Sableye is this due to a wonderful combination of abilities, expansive movepool, and great typing, as well as benefiting greatly from Everstone (big Attack and Defense boost). To put it into perspective, it does not care about evasion, can go last whenever it wants to (which combines well with Metal Burst and Payback), and spam priority status moves, making it a very tough opponent to deal with. At least it gained a weakness to Fairy-types in the generation shift, but it did not help that much. This does not even take into account that it got a Mega Evolution in ORAS which gets Magic Bounce which makes crippling it even harder... Except the loss in power and usage of the mega slot makes it niche at best relative to its base form.
  • Tear Jerker: SubwayJ's post when he had to leave due to real life complications, where he says his farewells to the community. It should also be noted that he wishes to return one day in the future. He did when his complications got better. Briefly.
  • That One Boss: Gerard's Psychic-type gym is considered by most of the community to be this. Psychic-types are home to some of ASB's best Pokémon not only due to their coverage and power, but their support movepools which are massive in size. Now imagine fighting four or five of these Pokémon in a Doubles Format. With their boundless tricks and strong offensive capabilities. Good luck ordering first against him, there is a reason only three playersnote  have ever beaten the gym for the three years it has existed.
    • The Psychic-type gym was far worse than it is now. Previously there was a gym clause that enabled Gerard to use Zen Mode Darmanitan against challengers irrespective of health. Combined with a Charcoal and Sheer Force boosted Heat Wave, Zen Mode Darmanitan was easily capable of burning anyone to a crisp. And that does not take into account its team mate. No wonder why the players were happy when the Gym Committee then proceeded to remove the clause that allowed Gerard to use Darmanitan in his gym.
  • The Dreaded / Terror Hero: Dogfish 44, Elevator Music, Engineer Pikachu, Frosty, and Its_A_Random. All five are strong players in ASB, and many are of the opinion that they stand little chance on 'even' battles. This is brought Up to 11 when either are refereeing the role-play The Legend Run (which is likely).
  • The Scrappy: ASB has had its fair share of scrappies, including Metal Bagon, Yarnus of Bethany, Geodude6, and most recently, Zekrom2525.
    • Metal Bagon was seen as quite obnoxious by the community making arenas that were extremely unbalanced and making "smart" comments like calling Blaziken "The Best Flying-type".
    • Yarnus of Bethany used nothing but Normal-type Pokémon with nicknames that the rest of the community did not really like. He also had a penchant for fighting new players with 40+ move LC Pokémon.
    • Geodude6 is this mainly due to him oftentimes forgetting about matches he is involved in.
    • Zekrom2525's status is related to him being an incredibly slow learner and being dumb enough to get himself into trouble with the moderators or approvers, sometimes unintentional. Also proved that he could never referee anything properly. Some people even think he is just a troll after all this time.
  • This Is Going to Suck: When a player goes up against one of the top trainers in a match they can't get out of, like being matched up against them in a Tournement, the player that knows that they are outmatched will often express statements that they're utterly screwed.
     ASB Raid Zone 
The following YMMV Tropes apply to the ASB Raid Zone:

  • Goddamned Boss: The Aerodactyl encounter in the ASB Raid Zone is very much this. Aerodactyl's specials revolve around screwing around with the players as much as possible with Wing Buffet and Deafening Screech. The former deals lots of damage and halving threat (bad for the tank). The latter is used at certain intervals, forcing half the team to use really cheap moves for three rounds and making the players to take the match very slowly so as to not have the whole team affected. Taking the encounter slowly also means it gets more chances to annoy you, even with just normal attacks.
    • It gets even worse on Hard Mode. In addition to Deafening Screech, its Wing Buffet hits three Pokémon at a time, making tanking incredibly hard. Even worse, it gets Sonic Lance which deals extreme damage to three Pokémon and causes confusion which will annoy the players to hell and back. You better have Pokémon with Soundproof in your disposal.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The Ho-Oh/Lugia encounter in Eye of the Storm. This raid is hard enough to be challenging for first time raiders and the threat of dealing with two Olympus Mons that hit like trucks will give even well built teams difficulties. The duo is even more of this on Hard Mode with rifts that gradually eat away at your team fast. Unless you outgear the raid, expect to have your work cut out on this raid.