YMMV / Crash Landed

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: What Danni hears when she's waking up on the island in Ship Wrecked.
    “Does she have a cell phone?”
    “No, I don’t see one.”
    “Great. We’re going to die here.”
    “Not until the second season, when Mc Jerkface decides he’s bored with one of us.”
    “Shut up, she’s breathing!”
    I barf suddenly.
    “Emmett, shut up.”
    “You couldn’t have called someone more… digestively stable?”
    “I’m just saying! If she can’t hold onto a boat, and she can’t hold onto her lunch, how’s she going to save us?”
    “Emmett! I banish you! Go sit over there.”
    “Aw, man.”
  • Jump the Shark: According to Danni, Derrick did, while riding a pogo stick.