YMMV / Covert Action

  • Game-Breaker: A claimed game breaker is to visit the lounge in the hotel, and use it to collect as many clues as possible, without penalty. Subverted, since doing so causes enemy organizations to send hitmen after you (cancelling an action you would have taken, complete with two hours, plus a chance of losing time due to injuries).
  • Good Bad Bugs: There's a mini-game where enemy agents will break in to a building to rescue an enemy operative you arrested. You must defeat all of them or they free the operative. However, there's a chance the room you must protect with the operative inside will contain the passage which is the only exit to the outside. Since the game is nice enough not to spawn enemies in the same room as you, this means the enemies have no place to spawn. The game pauses for a few seconds and then declares that you successfully prevented the escape attempt, which makes the game easier since they won't try again. (Easier, that is, unless you wanted to intentionally lose...)
    • There's also a chance the map will be segregated and enemies will enter through a door with no passage to reach you. This means you can't kill them and they can't kill you. In this case, you can exit the building and it counts as a 'win'.
  • What An Idiot: Da Chief provokes this, sometimes, because you'd expect him to recognize why terrorists would go after certain targets and instead he genuinely acts like he has no clue.
    The Chief: Good work stopping that kidnapping, Max. They were attempting to kidnap the noted chemist Dr. Pasture, who just created a new mescaline-based drug that he said has the side effects of intense euphoria and a craving for more of the drug. No idea why they wanted to kidnap him. Your guess is as good as mine.