YMMV / Counting Crows

  • Covered Up: "Big Yellow Taxi".
    • They were at the receiving end of this for their song "Colorblind". Mostly overlooked when first released (it never charted anywhere), it became a hit in the British Isles for Leona Lewis in 2011.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Mr. Jones", of course!
  • Narm: The yell at the very end of "Rain King".
    • Earlier in the same song, the line about "in the belly of a black-winged bird" can be this to some.
  • Nightmare Fuel/Uncanny Valley: Some of the images in the booklet for This Desert Life could qualify as this.
  • Signature Song: "Mr. Jones", "Round Here" and "A Long December". For those who know them from Shrek 2, "Accidentally in Love" could also qualify.
  • The Woobie: Adam Duritz has clearly been through some shit in his life to write the kinds of lyrics he does; "Anna Begins" and "Goodnight Elisabeth" are both about relationships he's had with girls that went horribly downhill due to his rockstar lifestyle. Then you have "If I Could Give All My Love Away (Richard Manuel is Dead)", about one of his childhood idols dying, and then "Hanging Tree" which is about his grandmother not even recgonizing him by the time she died.
    • The two main characters of the "Palisades Park" music video are a definitive in-universe example; one becomes a transgender and runs away from home after their girlfriend cheats on them, while the other one has been looking for them ever since.