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YMMV: Counter-Strike
aka: Counter-strike
  • Abridged Arena Array: de_dust. Fricken de_dust.
    • Don't forget about de_dust2!
  • Broken Base: Which is the real Counter-Strike, 1.6 or 5.2? If you know what that means, chances are you have a strong opinion about it and have voiced that opinion (coupled with a threat) on a gaming forum.
    • Every intermediate version got this as well, to a lesser extent.
    • Also there is/was lots and lots of debate over how different weapons compare to each other. This even resulted in one clan doing an extensive study on this back in the day, which almost held up to scientific standards - it didn't help.
    • Specific mention should be made to Counter-Strike (original, although most of the time it's 1.6) vs Counter-Strike: Source. Many 1.6er's claim Source is only for noobs and idiots (due to the weakening of wall-spamming and the overall less intense recoil of Source) while many Source fans say all 1.6 players are "Stop Having Fun" Guys and believe 1.6 is a buggy and unpolished game that focuses only on Competitive Gaming and nothing else.
    • Global Offensive tried to avert this, but the implementation of several features (or lack thereof in the case of party searching on consoles) such as matchmaking instead of server lists, coupled with the drastically reduced player count and horrendously tiny map selection just made things worse.
      • This is getting better though. The map selection has noticeably increased, there is a server browser, and the player count is currently increasing.
      • The ADAD spam in Global Offensive to some in SPUF, in regards to recoil reset when you change direction.
      • The introduction of the Zeus x27, a TASER-like weapon: Cheap One-Hit Kill weapon or poor shotgun substitute for corner ambush? (It's since been disabled in Competitive mode.)
      • CSGO is now within the top-five most-played games on Steam at any given time, with more players active in it than Source and 1.6 combined. It has also on several occasions made it to second place. It's safe to say it was averted in the end.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Good luck finding a server running a Valve-created map other than de_dust2 in the remake.
    • Easy enough. cs_office, de_train, cs_assault. More and more servers are now using custom maps, but most still fall back on de_dust2. In zombie maps, it's often one of the "lila" or similar maps.
    • Two extremely popular custom maps are fy_iceworld and fy_snow, where guns spawn on both sides of an incredibly tiny map.
      • For Thai players there is cs_untitled, an extremely tiny map. So tiny in 1.6 people loves to set starting cash to maximum and spam HE grenades into each other's spawn during buy time.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The chickens on cs_italy. They were removed from Source, but came back in Global Offensive.
    • There are chickens in various maps in CS:GO. In fact, chickens sometimes spawn in Deathmatch mode, and give 1 point when killed.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Most modern Korean MMOFPS's adopted gun mechanics similar to Counter-Strike.
    • Search and Destroy game mode in various shooters.
      • Zombie mode as well. Even Call of Duty, the game everyone else rips off these days, included a similar Infected mode starting from Modern Warfare 3.
  • Game Breaker: The AWP/AWM was long considered one (and still is, even after nerfing) due to its extreme power (it only did less then 100 damage with a leg shot). A later addition that gets this treatment are the semi-automatic sniper rifles.
    • Due to changes in the money system, though, the AWP/AWM and the semi-automatic sniper rifles have since been accepted as legitimate weapons in Global Offensive due to their now hard to purchase status, and nerfing by reducing payout per kill.
      • Humorously, this ends up in an AWPer who kills an entire 5-man team receiving a measly $125.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Brazilians fucking love this game.
    • Germans, too.
    • And Romanians.
    • And Filipinos.
    • And Poles.
    • Don't forget the Koreans!
    • The number of Danish teens who both have Steam and own any version of Counter Strike, is almost every single one.
    • And Australians. The entire 'gaming net cafe' industry in that country came into being around 2000 because of this game. It lasted about 5 years before, much like in America, reductions in cost and speed of broadband internet, dedicated ISP gaming servers and reductions in the cost of computer tech made playing at home viable.
    • The exact same happened in Spain.
    • Dead Horse Trope: The extreme popularity it enjoyed in Romania from 2000 to 2008 backfired into making it Deader Than Disco among the general population, for the typical young male player was regarded as poor, uneducated, semi-literate, stupid, thuggish and white-trash.
  • Good Bad Bugs: How surf maps were born.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Regarding Counter-Strike: Neo (the Japan-only oriented spin-off of Counter-Strike, changing the art style towards a much-more Animesque style,) its existence tickles the funny bone of every Counter-Strike fan who watched the older CS parody videos before the website went down for good. One specific vid discussed ways to make Counter-Strike relevant to younger gamers by making the game more anime style, full of Kamehameha-style laser blasts, so the game can appeal to Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z fans. Keep in mind that the video was made in 1999, right when the Pokemon and anime craze hit the U.S. the hardest.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The extremely stupid victory phrases in Global Offensive have become a minor meme in the Counter-Strike community.
  • Narm: The voice acting for several foreign languages in Deleted Scenes was positively horrible. The Spanish dub takes the cake with ˇMuere cerdo! (Die, you pig!) shouted in the most childish and nasal voice ever heard.
    • Hell, all of the English voice acting in Deleted Scenes is ultra-narmy as well.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Nippers old abstract maps. There's a head flying around the map and it screams at you on contact. Even more is Nippers Opus, having a screamer when you go into a certain building.
  • Sequelitis: All the various games and spin-offs released between 1.6 and Global Offensive are considered to fall to this. Although Condition Zero, Counter Strike: Neo, and Nexon's two F 2 P spin offs are subject to Fanon Discontinuity by most, Counter Strike: Source is subject to most of the controversy. Due to Source being the most popular game in the series for the longest time while simultaneously being considered the weakest of the 3 "main" games, most of the inevitable arguing is centered around whether or not CSS is a good game.
  • Song Association: An unofficial server mod did this to Chesney Hawkes' The One and Only.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Also qualifies as Tier-Induced Scrappy. There are a portion of servers that ban the AWM, the auto sniper, the auto shotgun, the CT shield, and they're usually the same maps that cycle between de_dust2 and cs_office. Enough of those servers exist that, in any other situation, use of the contrary will result in the regulars letting you know of their disgust with your choice, generally with an ample amount of expletives to accompany said disgust.
    • Though that might be in some cases a matter of "Start Having Fun Guys" as many a player find AWM users make it very hard to turn a corner without getting killed instantly.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Whenever Valve does anything at all to the game, complaints a-plenty may arise.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: The CZ75 automatic pistol has been derided as being overpowered and drowning out the other pistols, even the mighty Desert Eagle, prompting some people to call Global Offensive after the pistol was introduced as CZ-GO. It has been nerfed since its introduction but still remains an effective weapon.

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