YMMV / Countdown to Final Crisis

  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Jimmy Olsen gets all his Silver Age powers back! Brother Eye merges with Apokolips! Mary Marvel, "deserted" by Captain Marvel, turns to Black Adam! Harley Quinn and Holly Robinson vs. Granny Goodness! A crazy, universe-hopping adventure searching for a character missing for (relative to the reader) years! Paul Dini writing! A lead-up to the biggest Crisis of all! A followup to the beloved 52! A look at the seedy underbelly of the DC universe from the perspective of two repentant Flash villains! The genesis of the Kamandi-verse! What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Short answer: EVERYTHING.
    • And a lot of these perfectly good plots were really good when Grant Morrison pitched them for Final Crisis. They were so good in fact that DC decided to shoot their load early and jam them into this, the lead-in to Final Crisis. Which was only the beginning of what went wrong.
    • And then there's The Jokester, a mirror-universe Joker who uses comedy to fight evil. He was actually quite well-written, had a compelling backstory, and fans began calling him the saving grace of the series. So of course, he was killed off after about four issues.
    • The Trickster's homophobia. The writers bring it up so damn much surely they're going to build something-oh no wait, he dies. And nothing was accomplished. Yippee.
  • Wangst: Superboy-Prime. Dear God, Superboy-Prime.
    "Everything was better on my earth!"
  • What an Idiot: Mary Marvel, especially after her second Face–Heel Turn.
    • Also, Hal Jordan, who blasts off to Oa to get help with the Morticoccus virus and warn off visitors to Earth, only to carry the virus across space, breaching its one-planet quarantine.