YMMV / Corum

  • Complete Monster: Earl Glandyth-a-Krae is archenemy of Prince Corum and leader of the Denledhyssi. We first meet Glandyth when he is having several of his human prisoners tortured to death. We subsequently discover that he has been responsible for committing genocide against the Vadhagh, with Corum's family among his victims—his father and uncle cut down by Glandyth, his sisters and cousin gang-raped by Glandyth's men while he looked on. Capturing Corum, Glandyth puts out his eye and severs his hand, planning to leave him with no hands, no eyes, no tongue, no feet, and no genitals. Corum is saved by The Brown Man of Laahr, whom Glandyth subsequently captures and murders, and taken to Moidel's Mount; Glandyth unites the local Pony Tribes and tries to kill everyone there. He later participates in his king, Lyr-a-Brode's invasion of Lywm-an-Esh, sacrificing prisoners in order to summon up the army of his gods, The Dog and The Horned Bear, and planning to use Corum's body as a vessel for the soul of Arioch, The Knight of the Swords. When Corum manages to resurrect the Vadhagh, Glandyth, now acting on his own, makes a Deal with the Devil with Mabelrode the Faceless, The King of the Swords, inflicting the Vadhagh with a disease that causes them to go mad and slay one another; he intends to use Mabelrode's power to Take Over the World. A mass murderer, a rapist, a xenophobe, and a cheerful participant in genocide, Glandyth-a-Krae is finally killed while trying to cheat his way to victory in a Duel to the Death with Corum.