YMMV / Cormac McCarthy

  • Broken Base: The critics and praises rain for his works:
    • His writing style: a good use of train-of-thought writing style and pretty natural, or a big middle finger to Grammar Nazi readers (and editors)?
    • His stories: dark but showcasing a certain beauty, amazing Deconstruction of certain aspects of literature, or Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy fodder, so dark and dreary and nihilistic his worlds are, and so powerless the people who try to find a reason to live on, do good and be happy (on a daily, if not hourly basis) are?
    • His prose: Dark poetry, or Purple Prose that would make Jim Theis blush?
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Crossing. The protagonists come across a man who has the eyes missing from his sockets. It is later explained to them that while he had been a prisoner they had been sucked out by a guard and left to dangle. When he was free he wandered as they dangled until they eventually dried like raisins and fell off.
    • The entirety of Blood Meridian and The Road.