YMMV / Cop Land

  • He Really Can Act: Some regard Sylvester Stallone's performance as his best.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Edie Falco, who many probably recognize now as either Carmela Soprano or Nurse Jackie.
    • John Spencer always seemed to be somewhere in the background of plots involving law enforcement or the military before gaining greater recognition for his work on The West Wing.
    • The PDA president's aide is Assistant Commissioner Rawls.
    • Half the supporting cast of The Sopranos show up in bit parts. Tony Sirico (Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri) is a mob boss, Frank Vincent (Phil Leotardo) is the president of the patrolman's union, Annabella Sciorra (Gloria Trillo) is Freddie's high school crush, Arthur J. Nascarella (Carlo Gervasi) and John Ventimiglia (Artie Bucco) are cops, Paul Herman (Peter "Beansie" Gaeta) is a carnival game operator, and Frank Pellegrino (Agent Frank Cubitoso) is the Mayor of New York.
  • Wheelchair Woobie: Not so much at first, but after you discover the cause of his partial deafness and what he didn't gain from it, Heflin becomes this.