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YMMV: Cool as Ice

  • Designated Hero: Ice, so very much. Just for starters, he introduces himself to the female lead by spooking her horse with his bike. She gets thrown off painfully, and could potentially have ended up with a crippling injury. Ice does not even apologize.
  • Fight Scene Failure: The scene where the crooks capture Kathy's brother.
  • Idiot Plot: 90% of the film's problems would be solved if Vanilla Ice and the people he talks to talked plainly to each other. Most of the misunderstandings happen because nobody tells anyone anything. For example, if Kathy just told Ice that her father doesn't want him around because he thinks he's trying to kill her. Or if Ice just told her father that he'd rescued her. Or if Kathy's father called the police before his son was kidnapped when he already knew his entire family was in danger.
  • Jerk Stu: Johnny, in spades. He demonstrates virtually no likable qualities, but quickly wins over Kathy and can easily convince his friends to assist in a potentially dangerous rescue.
  • Narm:
    • In abundance, but to name a few moments...
    • "Where you going?" "Across the street to, uh, schling a schlong."
    • "Drop that zero & get with the hero."
    • During his performance at the local club: "I'm gonna drop some funky lyrics."
    • Better still, just look at the crowd. Where the hell are they, Nerdsville?
    • The scene where he somehow jumps the fence on a motorcycle without any sort of ramp.
    • The climactic fight scene.
    • The "date" at the construction site where they do little more than dance through a housing structure.
    • The kidnapping scene.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • The cinematographer for this film? None other than Academy Award winner Janusz Kaminski.
    • The director of this film? David Kellogg, who's only other film credit is the notoriously awful Inspector Gadget. Especially notable as the film's choppy editing and use of cartoonish sound effects are also present in this project, which he would later disown. He even cast the chubby antagonist in this film as one of the escaped prisoners in Inspector Gadget.
  • Snark Bait: The dated qualities of the film and the briefly high profile of its star led to it becoming a popular target for this trope. In particular, The Nostalgia Critic and the podcast How Did This Get Made? profiled the film. RiffTrax later released a VOD with riffing commentary.
  • So Bad, It's Good: This is definitely one for 'Bad Movie Night'.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously: One of the odder aspects of this movie. There is almost no humor in it at all (aside from what's unintentional humor). Everyone was taking the Vanilla Ice movie way too seriously.

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