YMMV / Conway Twitty

  • Covered Up:
    • "Georgia Keeps Pulling on My Ring" is a cover of a song by the little-known Little David Wilkins.
    • "Slow Hand" was originally by the Pointer Sisters. Del Reeves also released a version.
    • Blake Shelton's version of "Goodbye Time" is better known than the original.
    • Ricky Van Shelton covered up "Somebody Lied", an obscure Twitty album cut.
    • "She's Got a Man on Her Mind" was released by Curtis Wright only one year prior to Conway's version.
  • Tear Jerker: "That's My Job".
    • Let's put this one simply. Each verse of the song tells of a time in the song's protagonist's life where and when his father was very prominent, such as letting him sleep in his daddy's room when he had a nightmare about his father dying, offering to help pay half of his sons money to "fly out west" during his teenage years, even though he and his father argue over the sons future notstop, and the protagonist talking to his father's grave after he's done made a life from himself and "settled down within a mile or two", most like referencing his home being near the grave, and asking how he can make up a song to say "I love you", now realizing that it's HIS job to be a grown man for his family.