YMMV / Converge

  • Awesome Music: Pretty much all of Jane Doe, but especially the title track.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Of all the Metalcore bands out there, Converge is one of the few that metalheads generally respect.
  • Epic Riff: The intro to "Plagues."
  • Growing the Beard: While never a bad band, they really seemed to find their feet after hiring drummer Ben Koller: it's no coincidence that the first album he played on, Jane Doe, is universally considered to be their best.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Jacob Bannon's visual art may come off as this to some.
    • Some of Jacob's earlier lyrics are more than a little creepy. From "Year of the Swine":
    Bleeding softly
    It's late and my ears can't listen
    and there is no one to lift me to my feet
    But still I dream of you
    twisting and contorting beneath a garbage bag veil
  • Tear Jerker: One could say half of their songs, being filled of Despair Event Horizon moments. Jane Doe is basically an entire Anti-Love Song about a very nasty break up.
    • What especially makes Jane Doe a heavy-hitter is that the album masks sensitive, sad lyrics with the aggression and rather horrific looking cover art. It's often theorized that angry people are hiding a very deep sadness. Apply this theory to the album's style and lyrics and suddenly it makes it harder to not tear up, which is strange because Jane Doe is such an aggressive record.
    • "Wretched World".
    • All We Love We Leave Behind in spades, being an album about leaving those you love behind, whether metaphorically or physically. Fits more for a band that tours relentlessly.
      • More on the fact that Jacob got the idea from the death of his dog.
    • "The Saddest Day" It's in the name
    • "Farewell Note To This City"
    • Their version of "Disintegration"
  • Tough Act to Follow: It's pretty much a given that any album they release will be compared with Jane Doe.
    • Axe to Fall and All We Love We Leave Behind however seem to be aversions, as fans usually rank them next to or even higher than Jane Doe.
  • Wangst: A common criticism of Jacob Bannon's lyrics, which is why it's convenient that no one can understand his vocals anyway.