YMMV: Conspiracy

  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: It's a dramatization of a historical event that ended in the genocide of millions, which is clear from the start. Every major character in the film is a heinous war criminal so morally bankrupt that there's no one left to root for. The only one who somewhat maintains audience sympathy for feeling they're crossing a line is blackmailed into submission by much scarier men. It concludes with the revelation that the discussion was entirely pointless and Heydrich was going to carry out the Holocaust anyway. Finally, most of the Nazis never received any comeuppance and either died during battles or airstrikes, or more commonly, went on to live uneventful lives after the war.
  • Lawful Stupid: Stuckart reacts strongly against the proposed mass genocide, despite being a vehement anti-Semite, simply because it isn't part of any official "law" but an ad hoc process being done off the books. He then futilely tries to argue that they should forcibly sterilize the Jews instead, because this is legal under the anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws. Klopfer mercilessly undermines Stuckart by flippantly talking over him, bluntly interjecting, "so change the law...change the law" repeatedly. Stuckart doesn't seem able to mentally process that what is "lawful" is not always what is "just", or that even mass-murdering tyrants can enact "laws" just as much as any other government - or, that as a tyrannical dictatorship, Nazi Germany can simply change the laws at whim. Then again, this is probably a subversion: Stuckart doesn't really care about "lawfulness", he's annoyed that the laws he wrote—as one of the lawyers who co-authored the Nuremberg Laws—are being overwritten and he is being cut out of the loop.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The moment in the film when the rest of the cast realizes in no uncertain terms both what is to happen and the real nature of Reinhard Heydrich qualifies as a micro-one:
    Heydrich: Dead men don't hump, dead women don't get pregnant. Death is the most reliable form of sterilization - put it that way.
    • Kritzinger provides an in-universe example, as he realizes that they have crossed the horizon as the attendees are departing the conference.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Heydrich. While the film works to portray him accurately, that only makes him even more frightening. He's holding this entire meeting with the plan to kill millions of people, he has a plan for the killing, and he's PROUD of his plan. He outright brags about how many Jews his camps will kill on a daily basis like he's bragging about it like production from a factory.