YMMV: Condemned

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: The bear chase is, strangely, one of them. The fact that you shot a bear in the face with a shotgun given to you by a random SCU operative, seemingly fail to kill it, and end up in a random place in a pool of blood is never acknowledged again.
  • Complete Monster: Serial Killer X, aka Leland Vanhorn. Any sympathy he may have had as a Serial-Killer Killer is undermined by the various innocents he kills. He even murders his own uncle after the latter nursed him back to health after the events of the first game. The only reason he kills other serial killers in the first place is so he can adopt their methods as his own. He also doesn't have the excuse of being driven insane by the Oro's sonic emitters like the rest of the city, as he clearly enjoys it.
  • Contested Sequel: Many believe that Condemned 2 really jumped the shark by taking out the creepy slum levels halfway through and making the story silly. Conversely, others would argue the game kept up what made it great, and added more complexity to combat.
    • The Broken Base can best be represented in the games' two different endings: being the victim in a terrifying, visceral chase though an otherwise completely normal house with a psychotic killer for Condemned 1 versus the tower-of-junk battle between two men firing mouth-blasts at each other.
  • Foe Yay - Serial Killer X to Ethan. "Do you think of me when you go to scratch? I think of you... every time I look in the mirror."
  • Game Breaker: FPS mode in Bloodshot, earned by completing the game, gives you unlimited ammo for all firearms you carry. It also eliminates Ethan's alcoholism-induced tremors, resulting in more accuracy. The result? You can breeze through the game by simply firing headshot after headshot at enemies.
  • Good Bad Bugs - In Condemned 2, the final boss fight ends with a complex, fairly difficult series of quicktime events that result in an instant death if you fail it. However, sometimes, if you die the first time it happens, the next time instead of going into the quicktime event the boss will just attack you regularly. Because this is a bug, he's not really programmed for combat and has very little health and a very weak fighting style, making it very easy to beat him and finish the game.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A prophesied hero from unlikely origins using the power of his voice to destroy evil world-conquerors using similar powers? Gee, sounds familiar.
  • Moral Event Horizon - The reason why you don't feel bad for SKX when he would normally be considered an Anti-Villain.
  • That One Level: The museum from Bloodshot, especially if you're trying to get Gold ranking. You can't kill any guards (thankfully, it doesn't count if you let one of the other enemies kill them) and the whole level is swarming with armored enemies that have access to extremely powerful melee weapons.
    • Black Lake Lodge can become this as well. Aside from the infamous bear sequence, the Unexpected Gameplay Change to first person shooter can be jarring, and definitely doesn't feel like a Condemned game.
    • The nightmare sequences in Bloodshot, too. The color washes out, and you fight pitch-black creatures in a pitch black environment. They deal our a lot of damage and respawn, too.