YMMV / Concerned

  • Accidental Aesop: Word of God is that the "Frank Tangent" was meant to be Played for Laughs, but a lot of readers commented on how poignant it was.
  • Cargo Ship: With the gravity gun.
    Frohman: Whoa! I guess I actually went completely nuts with it. Just hope the next guy to use it doesn't see my lip-prints all over it.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In one set of notes, the author bemoans the Mets' loss to the St. Louis Cardinals but figures that they'll probably get steamrolled by the Detroit Tigers anyway. Not quite...
    • In addition, much of the game itself, if one considers the comic to be canon, turning it from an epic drama into an epic screwball farce.
    • The last strip. Yeah, it's "The Life and Death Of Gordon Frohman", but fans were still genuinely upset in the forums about Gordon's demise.
    • In this strip, in which Frohman accidentally teamkills a CSS player while buying weapons, Chris notes that "I wrote and posed this comic last week, before our Vice President wounded an old man by shooting him in the face. Just a coincidence."
    • The notes for #171, posted in July 2006, call attention to the then-recent announcement of Team Fortress 2 shipping alongside Half-Life 2: Episode Two, after which Chris states "I'm gonna go out on a pessimistic limb and say we're not gonna see Episode 2 until '07." Sure enough, two of the very last blog posts on the comic's original site before Chris moved on to 1fort confirmed delays to summer and then fall of 2007.
    • The first time Frohman enters a CSS server, many players proposed to Valve to bring the chickens back to Italy. In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the chickens return, and are better than ever (ie appear in more maps and are more dynamic props).
  • He's Just Hiding!: Despite reading the title, many loyal readers were outraged and in denial once poor Frohman finally got offed.
    • Concerned 2, an unofficial sequel, revealed that Frohman was brought Back From the Dead by simply re-loading from the last checkpoint.
  • Propaganda Piece: One edition has a rebel newspaper report on Freeman's rampage through Nova Prospect. The Combine response? EVERYTHING IS FINE!