YMMV / Company

  • Alternate Character Interpretation
    • Bobby is gay. Sondheim and Furth have stated that the reason Bobby hasn't been able to settle down is not because he's a closeted gay man, but for a while there was talk of a rewritten version where Bobby is openly gay and struggling to commit to one man.
    • Exactly how serious Joanne is when she suggests that she and Bobby have an affair varies from production to production, especially depending on how much chemistry the actors involved have. Her comment "I just did someone a big favor" hints that she never intended to actually do it and was indeed hoping to illicit the reaction she got from Bobby, but it's worth noting that she is drunk when she suggests it.
  • Awesome Music - It's Sondheim, so there's quite an abundance, but Being Alive, The Ladies Who Lunch, Marry Me a Little, and Another Hundred People are all showstopping pieces.
  • Ear Worm - The titular song, among others
    • Bobby... Bobby... Bobby baby... Bobby bubbi... Robby... Robert darling...
    • What Would We Do Without You, You Could Drive a Person Crazy, and The Little Things You Do Together all count, as well.
    • "Another hundred people just got off of the train..."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse - Joanne seems to be very popular. Having been originated by Elaine Stritch and since then played by the likes of Patti LuPone helps, in addition to the fact that she is a Deadpan Snarker with a great many hilarious lines, and her song The Ladies Who Lunch is one of the best known numbers from the show, and can easily bring down the house.
    • Christina Hendricks' portrayal of April in the 2011 concert version was extremely well received as well, with her monologue actually stopping the show as the audience laughed and cheered.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple - There is next to no Company fanfiction, but most of what little there is pairs Bobby with Joanne.
  • Funny Moments - In Poor Baby, Bobby is shown having sex with April while all of his married female friends comment that he ought to have a woman, but not someone like the one he's with right now. They list the things they each find wrong with her, such as that she's "dumb", "tacky", "vulgar", etc. Joanne's complaint? She's "tall enough to be your mother".
  • Genius Bonus - Joanne comments that smoking is "the best", saying that it's "better than Librium". Librium was a precursor to Valium, a sedative/muscle relaxant/anti-convulsant/anti-anxiety drug, mostly prescribed short term for anxiety. You know what else it's prescribed for? Acute alcohol withdrawal.
  • Signature Song - Being Alive and The Ladies Who Lunch, and to a lesser extent Side By Side By Side and Another Hundred People.
  • Tear Jerker - Being Alive
  • The Woobie - Bobby, especially by the end. The wives even sing a song about him called Poor Baby.
    • April can come off as this as well. Bobby pretty explicitly uses her for sex and she's put down by all the wives, despite coming off as a sweet, if dim, woman.