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YMMV: Comic Book Men
  • Bad Boss: While all the guys pick on Ming, Walter seems to give him the hardest time. Making bets with him and pulling out at the last minute, asking him to do something for the store and later berating him for the plan not going exactly as planned.
  • Never My Fault: Whenever a business plan of Walter's fails or backfires he will try to use Ming as a scapegoat or spread the blame around.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Ming Chen may be the seen as "new guy" (even though he's been a part of Kevin Smith's gang since at least 2001) and gets the short end of the stick but the way he gets picked the most out of anybody on the show, may lead some to think that Walter and guys are racist...
    • Kevin Smith saying that "Batgirl is like Batman you can have sex with" probably made a few people mad...

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