YMMV / Comic Book Men

  • Bad Boss: While all the guys pick on Ming, Walter seems to give him the hardest time. Making bets with him and pulling out at the last minute, asking him to do something for the store and later berating him for the plan not going exactly as planned.
    • However it has been stated that out of camera, Ming can be just as snarky to them as they are to him.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Ming gets to engage in a rap battle with Darryl McDaniels (aka DMC from RunD.M.C.). Ming loses, of course, but the fact that he actually made a valiant attempt got Walt, of all people, to say that he respected Ming.
    Kevin: "I noticed a pig flying by."
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: In a few episodes. The auction to help pay the medical bills of one of their long-time customers qualifies, as well as a recent episode where, after Hurricane Sandy wiped out Mike's comic collection, Walt and Ming got George Perez to create original artwork of Mike's favorite character, Wonder Man, and personally deliver it to an obviously surprised and very touched Mike as a kickstarter to rebuild his collection.
    • Bryan shows his soft side when in the tattoo episode, he decides to get a tattoo dedicated to his niece. Her appearance on the show was the only time Bryan has been seen in a state other than sarcastic surliness, as he was obviously a very dedicated and caring uncle. He even bought a classic Evel Knievel toy for a hundred dollars so that he could give it to his niece to play with while he introduced her to his love of the daredevil.
    • Another episode had the boys watching the baby of a customer for a few hours, and they all melted under the power of the cute wee one, even nicknaming her "Moltar" in true comic book fashion (combining Mike and Walter's name).
    • Ming, knowing that Kevin is a huge fan of RunD.M.C., invites Darryle McDaniels to join a podcast recording session. The guys then discuss how important it was for young people of all races to hear the confident, self-affirming nature of RunDMC's music.
  • Never My Fault: Whenever a business plan of Walter's fails or backfires he will try to use Ming as a scapegoat or spread the blame around.