YMMV / Combat Arms

  • Broken Base: The community will get very angry with each other over virtually any aspect of gameplay, especially when it comes to guns..
  • Game-Breaker: There's a list of 'Power Weapons' on the game's wiki, though few are outright Game-Breaker guns in practice.
    • The M590 CQB and its variants can deal 95+ damage at the same range a Remington 870 would deal 80. The regular M590 itself once had this power, before being nerfed. The CQB version, thankfully, is a (somewhat) rare Supply Case weapon.
      • The regular M590 CQB is actually relatively easy to accquire these days, coming from the MYST-G case, which is purchaseable for the cost of 4000 GP.
    • Specialists, characters with impressive stat boosts and exclusive access to extremely powerful weapons, including flamethrowers, 6-shot grenade launchers, chainguns, and airstrikes.
      • Of course, buying with NX nets you more powerful gun variants, as well as removing the rank restrictions.
    • Honestly, if you add up all the weapons people think are Gamebreakers, it'll be something like over half of the weapons in the game.