YMMV / Combat!

Combat (The Atari 2600 Video Game)

  • Good Bad Bugs: The Tank games could behave very strangely depending on what the tanks were doing:
    • If the tanks were positioned one directly behind the other and both tried to move forward, they may end up spinning around rapidly.
    • If one tank scores a kill on the opponent while moving forwards towards the wall at the edge of the playfield, once it bumps the said wall it may (in normal Tank) warp around to the other side and stop (or just bump the wall and stop), or (in Tank Pong) start sliding rapidly along the wall and warping around until the next round starts (and if the "killed" tank was in the way, it may take it along for the ride).

Combat (The TV show)

  • Japanese Love Combat: The show was one of the most highest rated back in Japan during its initial airing, that reruns are quite common on satellite channels today for nostalgia. Similarly, the show is still quite popular nostalgically in Taiwan and Greece.
  • The Scrappy: Taking Early Installment Weirdness into consideration, some viewers feel this way about Braddock, since he was essentially the Fat Comic Relief throughout the early part of the first season, which, to some, makes him seem out of place.