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YMMV: Colour My Series
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Slowbeef's interpretation of the ending of Colour My Heart.
    Slowbeef (as the stick figure/author): In this monochrome world I will search the depths of the earth and the limitless skies for you. Alternate Title: I Didn't Get You A Valentine's Day Present.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Colour My Life.
    • Defeating the robots in Colour My Fate.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: The endings. And the secret notes in Colour My Dreams and Colour My Fate.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: More like Crowning Music of Heartwarming, but still. Even after you beat it, you can leave it running to listen.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Colour My Dreams. And some of the interactions, like the rolling eye leaking blood...
    • When things first get dark it doubles as a Scare Chord.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The games' almost nonstop emphasis on the main characters' innocence and love
  • Tear Jerker: The series in general, but especially Colour My Life.
    • And the secret notes in Colour My Dreams and Colour My Fate.

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